Shout: Social Media Marketing…unleash the power of the internet

Shout: Social Media Marketing…unleash the power of the internet
Event on 2014-11-26 09:30:00


 Social Media Marketing

…unleash the power of the internet 

 Are you getting the most out of social media?  Many businesses have social media but they dabble rather than use it strategically to win more business.  If you are one of these dabblers perhaps you would like to see how you can grow your business with these fantastic free tools.  We cover the following sites:

Google +


"Thank you Angela for a very informative SHOUT training session. I came away very excited about the possibilities that social media offers our businesses but still so much to learn! " – Eileen Bermingham, Ellapure-Natural Skincare   

"I attended Angela's CONNECT workshop which helps you create a contact database. We looked at how to communicate with different groups of people and put in place a keep-in-touch marketing strategy to build up long term relationships with clients and potential clients. This was one of the most creative, useful and fun workshops I have ever attended and I would certainly recommend it to any smart business owner!" – Hazel Robinson, Nuts About Style 

"I have just attended Angela's CLARIFY Business Plan workshop and found it excellent, really helped me focus and think through what I want to achieve and the steps I need to take to get there, highly recommended!" – Danni Brown, Danni Brown Shiatsu

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