Showboatr Launches Video Challenge App for iOS

Los Gatos, CA (PRWEB) April 05, 2013

Showboatr, a video app that challenges users to physical stunts like drop kicking a basket at half court, punching through a watermelon, or doing the Moonwalk is available for free on iTunes. The Showboatr app is filled with challenges across a random, but hearty range of skills and difficulties, like coordination, dexterity, bravery, balance, the ability to draw, tell a joke, or jump really high. Users can record themselves attempting Showboatr challenges and upload them to share with the world, challenge others to attempt (seemingly) impossible feats, or just enjoy watching. Showboatr comes with over 100 unique challenges that can be tough and require skill, but show off users patience, talent and creativity.

We designed Showboatr to make users look like heros, entertain viewers and make people laugh, explains Ryan Nyquist, a pro-BMX rider who co-founder Showboatr with his brothers, Ian and Shea. The challenges are crazy, hilarious and weve tried them all. We didnt actually succeed at all of them, but we impressed one another and had a great time competing for who could do them best.

With Showboatr, users can:

Amaze others

Showboatr offers over 100 unique and fun challenges designed to show off skills. The difficultly levels range (and the skills involved are all over the map), but the key is to practice, be creative and have fun with it. Once a video is posted to Showboatr, users and other viewers can share the videos on Facebook & Twitter.

Challenge friends

Users can suggest their friends try the Big Mouth challenge, where Showboatrs must fit the base of a 12 oz can into their mouth. Challenges can be made both publicly and privately, via Facebook or email.

Nailed it? Failed it?

Cheers to Showboatrs with skills and creativity. At the end of every video, users can vote whether the Showboatr nailed the challenge, or failed it. But if they failed it in style, should they get some love? Users decide.

Track progress, earn respect

Challenges are organized into collections, and in the Status tab, users can track progress as they shoot to complete a collection. But completing challenges isnt the only way to earn status in Showboatr. The quality of video submissions counts, because fellow Showboatrs have the ultimate say. Status is determined by how many people think the challenge was nailed.

Watch, and judge

If a user doesn’t want to share Showboatr challenges with the world, thats ok. Showboatr has a great set of mobile hero videos that are legit, and under 15 seconds, making great mobile viewing. So users can enjoy, judge and share favorite Showboatr videos.

Learn more about Showboatr online or on Tumblr.

About the Showboatr Founders

Growing up in the suburbs of Silicon Valley, the three Nyquist brothers spent their days challenging one another to creative stunts, daring feats, and competitive contests that required skill and humor. If only, back then, they had a smartphone to capture the time Shea did a backflip off the gym roof into the pool. If only they had an App to capture the time Ian ate a bagel dog in 15 seconds — only to have Ryan power through one in 14 seconds — to share it with friends to admire, and then challenge them to set a new bagel dog record.

Today, Ryan is an X-Games BMX champ. Ian runs an interactive design agency. Shea is a Renaissance man, & notorious BMX rider who roam the earth in search of more challenges. Together, the brothers are launching Showboatr on iOS, a mobile video app that gives users a chance to share their hidden talents, party tricks, feats of strength and skill, and then challenges them to one-up their buddies.

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