Lisa Hayes makes a rash decision to return to Earth, to try for a final time to convince the heads of the United Earth Government to negotiate with the Zentraedi armada. The journey back to Earth is not without incident, as Rick and Max cut a path through the enemy lines.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Showdown

  1. RecoverRedeem says:

    “Oh you must mean Rick Hunter, he was just a friend…” fucking whore.

  2. oker59 says:

    yea, there’s probably some arcades around somewhere; but, I remember when every mall had pretty big arcades; it was practically the way they made money!

  3. fngz00j says:

    Heavens no! A shame too, really, b/c conceptually and mechanically they’re closest to the ideal form of a game imho. We still got Flipper McCoy’s around here tho!

  4. oker59 says:

    i’m thinking there’s not as many archades today as there were back in the 1980s?

  5. fngz00j says:

    Okay, that’s not an arcade, that’s a damn casino! Now just think how well-off arcades would be today if they had that kind of payout for winning.

  6. THeGh0stM4N says:

    16:24 WTF is Zeus doin in that casino lol?

  7. ZoomGoesTheLiszty says:

    “Maybe I can get her in a game with me!” Nerd dating FTW.

  8. Mynearyd says:

    According to Chinese tradition( and Minmay and Kaifung or Kyle are at least part Chinese), two individuals with the same surname can only marry if they can prove that they are not cousins. Which they obviously are.

  9. spacetownman says:

    Yeah, if somebody else knew “Morse Code” Rick’s private message would be far from private. “Ooops!”

  10. spacetownman says:

    It’s revolting to know cousins kissing, little alone marrying. Although, Minmay and Kyle aren’t 1st cousins per se’ – more like 3rd. Still, not a savory thought ofcourse.

  11. duploman1000 says:

    Cousain’s marry all the time.. Especially royalty.

  12. dudejo says:

    once again… 23:05 DUUURH

  13. dudejo says:

    It depends on the families. Some cousins are far enough apart in DNA that they can reproduce safely. Although there’s no way to find how close or far Minmei and Kyle are. For the sake of our sanities, we can pretend they’re far enough apart.

  14. DukeofColumbia says:

    If Roy were still around he’d straight up tell Rick . . . . “Minmay’s no good, Lisa’s you’re woman”

  15. lutzdify says:

    I guess in traditional Chinese culture, incest is not seen as so utterly perverse and improper is it is in most European countries and the tribes of the Southwestern United States. :/

  16. sidearmsalpha says:

    Another awesomely animated episode!

  17. sidearmsalpha says:

    Rick should have just been a playa and banged Lisa and the Bridge Bunnies.

  18. Justin Tibbs says:

    The southern lovin is looked down upon in space Kyle….

  19. StanwoodSpartans says:

    Minmei is 16 years old according to the script writers.

  20. Iriatv says:

    I came for da Legs

  21. fiskefyren says:

    22:15 lol rick… “woman! what are you trying to tell me?! because i clearly didn’t understand your first seven hints, because I’m kinda dumb and slow!” oh rick you you dumbass :3

  22. Oliumen says:

    23:03  – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Her Eyes!

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