Sidebuy Receives Canadian Government Support to Develop Web 3.0 Search and Index Platform

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) September 30, 2012

Developed by SideBuy in collaboration with Ryerson University, inextweb features the latest technological advances changing the way search engines, computer agents, web services/sites, mobile and e-commerce applications utilize personalized shopping and data mapping. This revolutionary new engine will index the web unlike any other platform currently available.

Simply put, inextweb is a technology that helps make sense of the web, like a human would do as opposed to how a search engine like Google views the web, says Founder and CTO of Sidebuy, Reza Bashash. This technology can find products/services offered by any merchant around the world, as long as there is indication of them on the web.

The featured technology of inextweb is a computer system that crawls the web and automatically generates Structured Data from web documents, similar to the way humans recognize real world objects. The Intelligent Crawler System (ICS) behind the technology extracts desired information from web blocks using Machine-Learning, Natural Language Processing, semantic web and image recognition techniques.

In other words, the standard for search needs to change to adapt to the developments of features like Siri commands, apps, and other machine-driven commands to go out to the web to collect information, organize it and return appropriate results. First, the data online needs to be indexed by inextweb, which is where Sidebuy and Ryerson University have already begun their monumental task. Next, theyll implement the changes needed to produce more relevant results results that are tailored to the type of search being requested. is set to present inextweb, the next big thing in technology, at the Worlds Best Technology 2012 Innovation Marketplace (WBT2012) in San Diego, CA on Oct. 25-26, 2012. As the nations premier event showcasing the largest collection of vetted and mentored companies and technologies emanating from top universities, labs, research institutions, and the private sector around the world, WBT2012 presents a huge opportunity for and other innovative companies. Presenting technologies represent a convergence of industry sectors including Lifescience, Materials Science, Energy, Information Technology and Nano.

Having endured a rigorous application and evaluation process, SideBuy will present in front of Fortune 500 licensing scouts and seasoned venture investors. The presentation will help give them a chance to receive venture capital funding, licensing for their product and more. For more information visit

About is a Vancouver based technology start-up that develops technologies and applications to help consumers with online shopping and e-commerce. is a personal shopping assistant that lists all deals available in Canada, US, Australia and United Kingdom. By compiling such a vast list, SideBuy can offer users up to 90% discounts from all over the web and is the most efficient way to score the best deals. Visit to learn more.

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