Simi Valley Party Rental Company Warns Parents To Be Careful When Hiring Uncertified Vendors

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 29, 2013

When seeking jumper rentals in Simi Valley, the most common mistake a local customer in Los Angeles might make is using Craigslist in search of the cheapest jumper rental. Although the rentals are cheaper, parents increase the risk of someone being injured from a party rental company’s lack of certification. A study released earlier last year by the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded bouncy house injuries are increasing alarming both parents and doctors. A contributing factor causing a rise in inflatable jumper injuries could be the result of more and more party rental companies emerging on Craigslist and other free party rental sites.

Fiesta Party Jumpers & Rentals urges customers who are considering to hire a party rental company in Simi Valley to check for a few things. Party rental company’s should have the appropriate qualifications and certifications which many companies on Craigslist lack. Avoiding injuries at a event or party is easy when you hire a company that has been trained to properly setup inflatable jumpers. Fiesta Party Jumpers also wants to remind their customers that even when they do hire a qualified and insured rental company accidents can still happen. The study by American Academy of Pediatrics also shows many of these injuries occurred when too many children were allowed in the bouncy house at one time. Another way bouncer rental injuries occurred was mix matching different age groups and placing bigger children with smaller children. To reduce the risk of these types of injuries Fiesta Party Jumpers recommends to follow a few guidelines when supervising a inflatable jumper party.

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