Singing Priest IN OUR MAIL?!

WATCH THE NEWEST EPISODE: We open up more mail! What strange things will we find this week?! —————————————— IMPORTANT LINKS: http

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23 Responses to Singing Priest IN OUR MAIL?!

  1. kyoshirooneechan says:

    you are the bottom Ian.

  2. RRLRinger24 says:

    the tobuscus add is the only one i watch

  3. Wayne Paul says:

    am i the only one that did the push ups and will try everytime?:D

  4. GretyPanova says:

    Two dudes making out. That’s not gay… 😀

  5. Kylie Ann Bobbi says:

    Fuck you for making me do 15 push-ups.

  6. Garry BlueRose says:

    Thumbs up if you saw the pockey.

  7. TheGunningPony says:

    Nah,i do 15 thumbs up on Smosh videos

  8. aburgos336 says:

    Say iphone 5 times then post this on two other videos and look under your pillow

  9. Gamerman1399 says:

    Ianh is my boner

  10. Happypurps says:

    Type “Smosh’s Address” into youtube and you’ll find out…probably.

  11. beware419 says:

    DAM these dudes have lots of things in their mailbox o.o!

  12. bree mount says:

    i love u guyz …….so firetruking much !!!!

  13. COOLBRIAN4 says:

    Sweet Domo candy

  14. mamatix77 says:

    I paused at 3:35 and i did all of that am i a victim ?

  15. pokemongammer01 says:

    how do people know there adress, i want to send them mail but i don’t know where they live

  16. rhendihoover says:

    my moms friend has a tattoo on his ass that says monkey

  17. animeluver85 says:

    No bitch at the end? D:

  18. violet susuke says:

    i can’t doe even 2

  19. zzzz139 says:

    Those pushups hurt

  20. UmbreonDarkShadow says:

    who else pause at the 5:14

  21. jon stucko says:

    what state do you guys live in and o i would back you guys up in a fight .

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