SIRI THE COMEDIAN, ‘iJokes For ChatBot/Siri’ Add-On CYDIA TWEAK – iOS Vlog 736

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25 Responses to SIRI THE COMEDIAN, ‘iJokes For ChatBot/Siri’ Add-On CYDIA TWEAK – iOS Vlog 736

  1. hussam masoud says:

    Hahahahahaha LOL

  2. aSmexyPanda says:

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  3. Leira R. says:

    iPod Touch 5G Giveaway, #341 red!

  4. pinkyholiclowh says:

    iPod Touch 5G Giveaway <3ipod

  5. dzanelpv says:

    iPod Touch 5G Giveaway……hahahahaha man!

  6. 10yahoocomvandrew says:

    Free iPad Mini Contest

  7. Magicmasterable97 says:

    i cried of laughter hearing your fake laughs xD

  8. sofakingcool665 says:

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  9. OddNateDog159 says:

    does this work for iphone 3gs??

  10. Teh Wei Yuan says:

    have you try Chuck norris for chatbox before, phil. It doesn’t works, can you check it up for me?

  11. UltraBl1zzard says:

    hey Phil do you know any good free spire servers? Thanks!

  12. Rufinus Henry says:

    fake laugh but the app really works

  13. lameWB says:


  14. kashtrophobic says:

    i want siri on my i phone 4 :(

  15. Mohomad Dalati says:

    Hahahaaaha tell me a joke

  16. TheRandomRandomizer says:

    ONLY Phil: Tell me a joke. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (- Do a

  17. SamKnowsTech says:

    some of these jokes are actually funny

  18. Antiorthodoxy says:

    your fake laugh was funnier than the tweak.

  19. Vamp Iry says:

    Hahaha.. U the best comedian Phil

  20. o06racio60o says:

    Fake laf.

  21. nazrawr17 says:

    hahahah ur funny phil 

  22. Shinji Ikari says:

    I could listen to the intro music for ever

  23. eddylz18 says:

    his laugh made me lol

  24. peter123pn says:

    i wasnt laughing at the joke…i was laughing at phil’s fake laugh 😀

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