Site Performance For Webmasters

Maile Ohye gives an overview of site performance.
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12 Responses to Site Performance For Webmasters

  1. Noemi Hora says:

    So site speed is an issue or not??

  2. Crystal Simms says:

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  3. Jonathan Leger says:

    Who else is seeing better rankings for small, thin, niche sites and lower rankings for big, content rich sites?

  4. HardcoreGamerAus says:

    just shiny

  5. powerfortunes says:

    Yes, asynchronously loaded JS does help, but I have still found that a page without the AdSense code loads decidedly quicker.

  6. Jakob Anderson says:

    Speed up loading of “non-essential” scripts via asynchronous script calls. If done this way, your page will continue loading as soon as the script load is triggered, rather than the script load blocking the rest of your site’s download and reflow until it has finished executing. Also load all non-presentation js in the bottom of your html document.

  7. appleipod581 says:

    like it

  8. leventmuslim says:

    Aaah! This woman speaks slow!

  9. Backlinkweb says:

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  10. Prift45 says:

    This is great stuff thank you soo much for spreading the knowledge

  11. tomwoods491 says:

    awesome work =)) good job keep it up congrats

  12. gemadeuruapan says:

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