SiteTrail Social Media Marketing Trends: The Latest Google Plus Strategy is a Game Changer Against Facebook

New York (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

SiteTrail, the web analysis platform which also aggregates data from various social media providers has shared some of the latest events in social media marketing. In a recent article it advised that Pinterest has come up with a formidable browsing strategy which is increasing its market share, now it has used statistics on Google plus performance which indicates a greater shift towards Google social sharing:

In terms of both SEO and SEM, when measuring the social engagement of multiple brands through SiteTrail analysis, there is a big increase in Google plus activity versus Facebook which is largely stagnant. Whilst this is partly attributed to more users becoming familiar with Google plus, communities and circles, the reason for the shift is rather due to brands who are placing Google plus buttons as their preferred method of engagement. This is due to the Google plus one having a superior effect in Googles rankings over a Facebook like or a Pinterest Pin it. Thus by the Google plus button helping content rank better, more web designers are repositioning the Facebook like button.

Who would let the market decide? In an environment where user experience is at the heart of a brands strategy there is now a clear split in consensus: Those brands who place social buttons on equal foot which effectively let the user decide which social platform they prefer to use most, versus brands who are clearly designing to favour Google plus, thus securing better Serp positions. It transpired from SiteTrails most recent statistics that the race is now between Google plus and Facebook, with Twitter falling back slightly and Pinterest advancing rapidly to catch up.

The SiteTrail editor had this message for users: Tracking social media activity in relation to serp rankings are essential for each brand. This means that using SiteTrail and Google analytics together enables each business to make the right decision. As a web news authority we also help brands communicate to the public whilst enabling it to show comprehensive and useful data to external users., the web2.0 analysis giant has many useful portals such including Facebook News, Pinterest News, its latest addition, and also the social media analysis section. For web professionals it also boasts an all new web jobs section which making it a full spectrum social media and web portal. Ever wondered how many facebook likes, twitter followers and digg mentions exist for one brand? How many visitors do they receive and who owns the website? All of this can be found on a single analysis page for that brand. Try SiteTrail today and follow us on Twitter.

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