Skoolbo Releases Zalairos Adventures Collection Without Charge

Singapore (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Skoolbo announced the release of the special edition of Zalairos Adventures for the iPads without charge. The collection contains all 25 audio books with more than 12 hours of enthralling content.

The eBooks have been designed to foster a love of stories amongst children aged from four to eleven. Through extraordinary adventures, the Zalairos teach children important values such as teamwork, respect and kindness, having an active mental and physical lifestyle as well as good triumphing over bad.

Young readers are able to expand their vocabulary and reading skills while enjoying stunning illustrations and lively narration. In addition, there are quizzes at the end of each audio book to help children improve their comprehension skills. Children also benefit by listening to expert narration and storytelling.

We had so much fun creating the Zalairos and were absolutely delighted to share them. We believe that every child should be given opportunities to improve their reading skills, said Shane Hill, Founder and CEO of Skoolbo.

Zalairos Adventures can be downloaded now from iTunes at, while versions for Samsung Apps, Windows 8 and Google Play will be released shortly.

The twenty-five titles that make up the collection are:

The Vanishing Icebergs

The Island of Giants

Funbo Mayhem

Troubles in the Amazon

The Bo Lake Mystery

Bubblegum Moon

The Bo City Pet Show

Iguana Island

Supersoldier Invasion

City in the Clouds

Wacky Eggsplosions

The Boy King

Blue Planet Lost Star

The Replicating Robot Caper

The Book of Owls

Circus Robbery

Bing, Bang, Boom

Bo Mountain Goes Ka-Boom

The Missing Professor

Attack of the Goo

The Hairy Scary Halloween

The Great Medal Rescue

Adventures in Dreambo

The Golden Garden

The Incredible Race

About Skoolbo

Skoolbo is a team of educators and developers committed to creating innovative and accessible educational games for both developed and developing countries.

Skoolbos e-learning programs focus on improving foundation literacy and numeracy skills. Zalairos Adventures is a much-loved collection of eBooks to help children improve their reading skill while Skoolbo Core Skills is the worlds largest educational game to help children master essential reading and mathematics skills.

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