Sky Map – Astronomy App for Android

Sky Map - Astronomy App for Android

Kevin Serafini, software engineer on the Sky Map team, demonstrates the updated Sky Map app for Android.
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16 Responses to Sky Map – Astronomy App for Android

  1. aijivl says:

    does it work ? for telescope observations?

  2. christianityisbad says:

    christianity is a lie! exposingchristianity[dot]com

  3. TheMraptor says:

    How do we find size, distance, mass ….. of the Stars.

  4. mygreeceny says:

    William neis I found uranus.

  5. kishorerjy says:

    xlent app.. Google Rules!

  6. fernandasanchez55fs says:

    I love this app because it live

  7. bialy134 says:

    application that showing location of cities on our globe like this could be awesome

  8. buetforasif says:

    awesome app

  9. CODSgtKiller8600 says:

    Awesome app download now!!!!!!!

  10. ehddbs6943 says:


  11. tark638 says:

    Is that real !!!? … very nice app

  12. Kishita Gidwani says:

    Will it help to find pluto?

  13. Colin Stead says:

    Wow! That is one hell of a shiny shirt!

  14. TomTerrific02 says:

    What about comets? Would like to find comet ISON and PANSTARRS. Thanks

  15. TheHatersGottaChange says:

    Best app evah! I wanna be an astronomer!

  16. BradiKal61 says:

    This is a awesome app, especially considering its free. My kid has Skyview on her Ipod Touch, and the interface is better, though she does not have GPS. I would pay money for this app if it worked along with the camera to superimpose the stars on the camera image. Droid X

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