Skyrim Cinema – Full Intro

Skyrim Cinema: Full Intro What happens when Skyrim turns into film? This Main Channel – DONATE: Facebook – Twitter – Google Plus – MODS: – Skyrim HD – 2K Textures by NebuLa: – Better Females by Bella: – Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition: – Detailed Faces v2 by Xenius: – Cinematic Lighting ENB – CLENB – by HD6 by HeliosDoubleSix: – Enhanced Distant Terrain by OpticShooter: – Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker: – Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS by fore: – High Quality Eyes by Xenius: – Improved NPC Clothing – High Res by BaronDavid: – Phenderix Magic Evolved – 271 New Spells by phenderix: – Spell Mass Force by WarriorKeKe: – Magicka Sabers by Lord Haun: – The Dance of Death – A Killmove Mod by DaedalusAI: – Kill Moves – No Blur by ThirteenOranges: Steam Workshop – Deadly Serious Shrouded Armor by doomfunk: – Grandmaster – True Unarmed and Unarmored Combat by leecarter: – Midas Magic – Spells in Skyrim by Xilver: – Phenderix Magic Evolved – 271 New Spells by phenderix: – Puppeteer Master by JohnB: skyrim.nexusmods
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  1. Perfect 🙂 Only flaw was I’m pro-imperial haha, death to the stormcloaks! Yongyea, I believe the Nordic should join the empire to make it flow more with the elder scroll storyline. Keep it up bro 😀

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