Skyrim ENB Presets – TES V – Skyrim ENB Evolution

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17 Responses to Skyrim ENB Presets – TES V – Skyrim ENB Evolution

  1. Almir1618Preldzic says:

    Beautiful video man

  2. eurosonly says:

    wasnt this one called ruz enb?

  3. hodilton says:

    Thx, Added to the description.

  4. Griffynful says:

    new link skyrim(dot)nexusmods(dot)com/mods/25037/

  5. hodilton says:

    It has better performance, but i rather use The Wilds

  6. shocco says:

    how would you say this comapres to the the wilds enb

  7. Hritik Vaishnav says:

    Can’t understand that why the hell they had taken my file under moderate,,,,,,,,,,,Although i havent use any file of other’s ENB

  8. banzaigtv2 says:

    Running this mod has minimal impact on performance. I’m running a Radeon HD 6770 and quad-core CPU and this game runs just fine with this mod and ultra settings. Very fps-friendly mod.

  9. banzaigtv2 says:

    View my channel for a video I uploaded on this. It contains the new download link for the mod.

  10. absorbcreate says:


  11. eurosonly says:

    I used to play this game on a console like you with crappy detail. Then I took a gaming pc to my house and installed a few enb mods

  12. LumoPlaysPC says:

    hows performance?

  13. CharlsAnd2 says:

    Great video as always :) You should look into making some sort of machinima 😀

  14. hodilton says:

    Thanks! :)

  15. hodilton says:

    hmm, interesting it says “File under moderation” :S

  16. CharlsAnd2 says:

    Can’t go download :/ wont even let me get onto the page!

  17. ScottyV23 says:

    Hey great video!

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