Skyward Sword – Puzzles Galore Towards The Boss Door! – Episode 8

So we move now into the meat of the dungeon, figuring out all the puzzles laid infront of us, earning new items and stepping ever closer to the dungeons end, who will be lying in wait at the end, will we find Zelda? Or another person entirely….. If you liked this vid, Bump it at Respawn

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14 Responses to Skyward Sword – Puzzles Galore Towards The Boss Door! – Episode 8

  1. zaviergonzo says:

    Those skulltulas are hard to beat! i almost died killing that one to get the small key!

  2. Joshua D says:

    you do realize this was made in 2011 right and this is 2013

  3. TheMarioDude1 says:

    Upgrade, your spelling

  4. shannon holt says:

    upgrate, your shid

  5. Heather Stillinger says:

    Thack you for shaving

  6. Meepilybuff says:

    28:35 EPIC LINK FACE!!!

  7. Meepilybuff says:

    Thumbs up on this comment if you think Ghirahim is fabulous.

  8. Scarlet Sanguin says:

    I like your hair like that

  9. MrChrisivisi says:

    Your hair looks good (:

  10. Kathya Ulloa says:

    Well it’s OBVIOUS that’s he’s lesbian, make that a perv

  11. missylrob says:

    Does anyone think that demon lord is gay

  12. DarkLordofMinecraft says:

    Wow skyward sword dungeons are really small compared to twilight princess

  13. DarkLordofMinecraft says:

    I say lol IRL too haha

  14. dartboy37 says:

    That’s one big mouth haha

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