Sleek and Premium Chat Room for Android App Review Bloggers Launched by

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 23, 2013 has stepped up into the sector of app reviews by launching a simple but professional chatroom tool. Before launching the tool, the developers have observed the activity in several app review communities. From there, the developers have noticed that app reviews are essential for consumers and subscribers. By launching a new and centralized widget, users will gain better information at top-notch speed.

Based on different studies, app reviews can save the time of users. Before downloading a specific application, the users can just check out app reviews and proceed with their judgments. The Chatwing chat widget tool can be a good source of app reviews; with the tools potential for social connection, app hunters can gain information at the shortest time possible. Website chat room visitors can log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo accounts. On a recent note, Chatwing developers have added the Tumblr login feature. Now, even Tumblr bloggers can take advantage of the global connectivity Chatwing has to offer.

Websites specializing on app reviews can also gain high rates of traffic with the Chatwing chatroom. The tool is flexible and easy to use, and there are different combinations to choose from. While on the dashboard, the user can see the actual appearance of the chat room software. There are dozens of background images and the Chatwing Team is adding new ones every now and then.

Chatwing chat software developers are always conducting studies regarding the nature of apps and reviews. To raise awareness, the developers will reach out to different online communities and forums.

About is a company that has brought innovation to the modern chat widget. Operating for more than five years now, Chatwing and its team of developers have dozens of ideas ready to be introduced to the public. The Chatwing chat app is an easy-to-use online tool that can help web users interact with each other and can also generate continuous traffic. Chatwing will always be a freemium application for everyone.

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