Slide HTML5 Self Publishing Software: Slide into the Marketing Future

(PRWEB) December 23, 2014

Nowadays, consumers are transforming the digital marketing into a necessity. For many business owners, especially those have no programming knowledge, adapting to this demand seems like a daunting task.

Slide HTML5 has introduced a free self publishing software for even the most novice users. It allows anyone, from the small business owner to a major corporation, to quickly and efficiently produce brochures, catalogs, magazines and other online publications for all business related needs. People with no programming experience can log in to the platform and start the creation with simple steps. They can begin either upload text, images and videos to a blank project, use a pre-existing format by importing a PDF or PPT document, or select from the numerous template styles, each of which is easily customizable with different backgrounds, buttons, colors and more.

Capture and optimize readers with Slide HTML5s search engine optimization using a pure text webpage that can be crawled by major search engines. Ready to share? With Slide HTML5 administration and management tools any interactive digital project can be shared quickly. Some of the methods include: embedding the document onto a website, blog or social media page, publishing it to any computer, sending it via ZIP file, or saving it with other portable devices (being readily transferable to cloud, USB, DVD or any other platform). Best of all, all content can be viewed without installing an additional program on mobile devices, a computer or laptop, and tablets.

Slide HTML5s multi-language support makes it available with 14 built-in languages with the power to add a new language for all multilingual needs. Quite a few of the features are free, but use of the advanced publishing tools and statistical feedback that can maximize readers with applications that track viewer engagement, require a paid monthly subscription ranging from $ 8 17 per month.

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