Slikhaar TV Talk Show ep18 | Expanding SlikhaarShop “Building Progress” | Content Marketing

We show you our new location for and give you an update on what’s going on in our world this week. Slikhaar TV Talk Show with Emil. ☆ Shop online!…
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13 Responses to Slikhaar TV Talk Show ep18 | Expanding SlikhaarShop “Building Progress” | Content Marketing

  1. OHVImedia says:

    Come to Oslo! You can’t trust any hairdressers here! But you guys are awesome, and I REALLY like your stuff!

  2. alpha m. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Guys I am so excited for you, well done and continued success! You two are a beautiful example of how to turn a passion in to an amazing business while staying true to your vision and principles. Bravo!!!

  3. Aurelio MORAGA says:

    You guys should open a store in Los Angeles California

  4. warrenc1903 says:

    Boston, MA, USA, or really just about anywhere on the East coast of the USA. Here is Massachusetts I know there are lots of places to get ur haircut, but no places to get really good stuff for ur hair and it would be great to get one. I also know lots of people around here love this 

  5. Fabrice Allard says:

    The new channel is a good idea for people who are interested only in one topic. More and more Youtubers who produce a lot of content do multiple channels when then produce content on different topics.

  6. Aran Neumann Maybodi says:

    Hi Emil and Rasmus! I think more people will watch SlikhaarTV talk show and SlikhaarTV and friends if you keep the content on SlikhaarTV. I think you should open an shop in Oslo(Norway). There are two reasons why you should open here: 1. You guys are pretty big in Oslo! 2. There are not a lot of good hair products in Norway. 

  7. Cristian Gomez says:

    Orange County, CA & Los Angeles, CA Why because you would get a lot of people to come and you’re business can go world wide if you hear it on the news. A warrants that you’ll get up more(:

  8. poprambomarine says:

    yo emil you should open up in the Philippines because there is not much hair products in here also we have poor salon/barber knowledge here

  9. Yolo Swaggins says:

    Toronto because it is up and coming and you won’t be exposed to the ebola virus that soon. Canada NEEDS YOU.

  10. Hao Tran says:

    Yea splitting the talk show to a different channel would be better, since they both have different contents…but that’s just me

  11. TheBotasPicudas says:

    Open one in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’m tired of these amateurs cutting my hair and you guys seem like the people I can trust my hair with. Good luck on expanding. 

  12. DrasVideos says:

    You should totally add your products to

  13. khalil said says:

    can you make the james rodriguez hairstyle?

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