Slikhaar TV Talk Show ep18 | Expanding SlikhaarShop “Building Progress” | Content Marketing

We show you our new location for and give you an update on what’s going on in our world this week. Slikhaar TV Talk Show with Emil. ☆ Shop online!…
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13 thoughts on “Slikhaar TV Talk Show ep18 | Expanding SlikhaarShop “Building Progress” | Content Marketing

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Guys I am so excited for you, well done and continued success! You two are a beautiful example of how to turn a passion in to an amazing business while staying true to your vision and principles. Bravo!!!

  2. Boston, MA, USA, or really just about anywhere on the East coast of the USA. Here is Massachusetts I know there are lots of places to get ur haircut, but no places to get really good stuff for ur hair and it would be great to get one. I also know lots of people around here love this 

  3. The new channel is a good idea for people who are interested only in one topic. More and more Youtubers who produce a lot of content do multiple channels when then produce content on different topics.

  4. Hi Emil and Rasmus! I think more people will watch SlikhaarTV talk show and SlikhaarTV and friends if you keep the content on SlikhaarTV. I think you should open an shop in Oslo(Norway). There are two reasons why you should open here: 1. You guys are pretty big in Oslo! 2. There are not a lot of good hair products in Norway. 

  5. Orange County, CA & Los Angeles, CA Why because you would get a lot of people to come and you’re business can go world wide if you hear it on the news. A warrants that you’ll get up more(:

  6. Open one in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’m tired of these amateurs cutting my hair and you guys seem like the people I can trust my hair with. Good luck on expanding. 

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