21 Replies to “SLOWMO BATS vs BIRDS, with robots, swimming and treadmills – Smarter Every Day 87”

  1. Like my video or I will dislike this one. This one i realy patetic and I can do better than that – /watch?v=dFyAh6o2m38&list=LL-0­fjwsyv-PIWRSExZSA8WA&feature=m­h_lolz

  2. Hi Dustin, I have a question for you. I just recently started to play soft tip darts, so when I went out to find a dart set. My question where what makes a dart fly straight or what setup might be best. No one really has an answer too that. But then when I did a bit of research. I read that if your darts are too long you’ll get a wobble effect. Seeing that you are great @ explaining how things works. Would you like to so me thanks.

  3. And I did.. Read again what I wrote. Understand that I meant facebook and twitter (to which he was referring in the annotations) and have a nice day.

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