Small Business BootCamp: save Thousands, make Thousands – Marketing+Finance

Small Business BootCamp: save Thousands, make Thousands – Marketing+Finance
Event on 2016-06-12 13:00:00
Small Business Boot Camp is designed to turn you into a triple threat: a marketing, finance, and productivity machine. We’ve gathered experts to give talks and breakout sessions on actionable tactics for launching and growing your business. Should I come? If you want a 'get rich quick scheme' that is all about making money without time or effort, then go away. This event isn’t for you. If you want to learn non-technical tactics (growth, marketing, finance, productivity), then yes you should come. If you want to save time, and streamline your business to be more profitable and effective, then yes, you should DEFINITELY come. BEST PRICE TICKET SALES ENDING MAY 27th ONLY 30 SEATS LEFT. GET TICKETS NOW BEFORE THEY SELL OUT. Streaming tickets available — attend from anywhere. What You Will Learn – Get featured on prominent news publications, podcasts, reality series, dating shows, and more – Save money by writing off your expenses the right way – Build an email list and social following from 0 to thousands – Create content that attracts new customers like crazy – Create a social media marketing strategy that is effective and easy-to-manage – Launch a thriving in-person community to become a thought-leader in your industry and gain a large regional following – Manage a sole proprietorship and register a DBA – Automate and outsource your marketing and finance processes so you can focus on what you do best: making your customers and clients happy + More Who This Event Is For – Boot-strappers and small business owners ready to grow their business. – Dating coaches, match-makers, and authors looking to gain more exposure and clients – Bloggers, coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs who want to automate their business success and save more time – Entrepreneurs excited to build a brand and propel their vision to the next level – Anyone who has ever built a website with zero traffic and thought "what next?…" The Experts Annalis Clint: Marketing for Coaches, Consultants, & Small Businesses Annalis is social media maven and digital behavior hacker that has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Disney Animation, Nike, Fox Studios, BBC, Westfield, and more. She has spent 10 years helping consultants, entrepreneurs, and artists build a digital presence from scratch, including match-makers and reality stars Kim Lockhart & Luis Santiago of "Mix It Up LA", author and speaker Dr. Carole Lieberman, dating coach Evan Marc Katz, Sparx Events, and more. She will teach you to: – Create your digital toolkit to capture people's attention, influence, and profit for your business – Get featured on prominent news publications, podcasts, reality series, dating shows, and more – Create a social media marketing strategy that is effective, easy-to-manage, and automated so you can relax and focus on big picture items. Bonus Giveaway: Get on her mailing list for free chapters of Annalis’ book How to Go Viral: Raymond Fredericksdorf: Finance for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs Raymond Fredericksdorf is the Principal owner of Guerrilla Finance, Inc, a modern Tax and Financial planning company. With 22 years of experience in Tax & Accounting matters, he specializes in artists, performers, consultants, and independent contractors. Ray has a Master’s in Personal Financial Planning, and holds a designation of Master Planner Advanced Studies (MPAS). He is going to teach you the "basics of business", namely all the things that a small business should do. That includes: When to register with the county, state, and IRS When you need to start paying quarterly estimated taxes and self employment taxes When you should open a business checking account and get a business credit card The best tools and techniques for doing basic accounting How to write things off, and the best tools to save receipts across the year George Burke: Founder of San Francisco's largest and fasted growing biohacking/wearables meetup George Burke is the founder of San Francisco’s largest and fasted growing biohacking/wearables meetup. He started SF Peak Performance in January 2016 as his first foray into wellness-tech. His meetup has reached nearly 1000 members in four months, and commands a large local following in the industry. Previously, George founded five startups with four exits, including “Netflix for books” service BookSwim, Kindle book swapping service eBookFling, and bitcoin debit card company FreshPay. He will teach you: – create a thriving localized Meetup community around your industry – to provide a sense of belonging and group support in achieving your tough goals – steps to become a thought-leader in your industry – provide companies access to an intimate forum full of their core target audience – strategic tricks, and pitfalls to avoid, in forming such a thriving local community The Schedule: 1:00-1:30: arrivals and mingling 1:30-2:15: Finance Bootcamp and Q&A 2:15-2:40: Creating a Meetup and Q&A 2:40-2:50: Break 2:50-4:25: Marketing Crash Course and Q&A 4:25-5:00: Socializing, Networking, Mix & Mingle So, are you ready to get your brand out there and turn online exposure into PROFIT? Do you want to do MORE in less time? Sign up now to find out how to make your business work for you, instead of the other way around. Normally these experts would cost 0+ (marketing consultation: 0, finance consultation: 0, meetup creation consultation: ). You'll get all of them, for a fraction of the cost. BEST PRICE: Available Until MAY 27 to Attend In Person (Networking Time Included) for Streaming Access EARLY PRICE: Available Until JUNE 6 to Attend In Person (Networking Time Included) for Streaming Access LAST CHANCE: to Attend In Person (Networking Time Included) for Streaming Access Questions? Speaker suggestions? Interested in sponsorship? Email

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