Small Business Camp Weekend – Tampa

Small Business Camp Weekend – Tampa
Event on 2014-01-24 18:00:00

 Attention Entrepreneurs, Executives, Non-Profit Leaders, Students and People With Ideas:

Small Business Camp Weekend
Comes to Tampa (In-Person or Online)


Small Business Camp Weekend is a three-day intensive experience that offers aspiring and existing entrepreneurs practical and proven concepts that can grow any for-profit or non-governmental agency. A private social media website allows students and instructors to interact after the initial training. Participants are encouraged to bring laptop computers to work on their business concepts.

If you can not fly to Tampa, Florida you can still enjoy the Small Business Camp Weekend from the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet-connected computer and the time to follow along with the "live" broadcast from Tampa.


Small Business Camp Weekend in Tampa, Florida 
Friday, January 24th: 7-9pm 
Saturday, January 25th: 9am-9pm 
Sunday, January 26th: 3pm-7pm

Attend this seminar to learn how to profit from your ideas in less time and with less effort.  Don't waste your time trying to figure out the keys to success all by yourself. You can join a group of committed individuals who can offer you the proper support and encouragement. Bring your laptop and let's spend a weekend getting things done!

You will learn how to package your passion, experience and wisdom for profit! A product is the most powerful way to grow your business, build your brand, appear on TV and Radio and maximize your sales.

“Attending Small Business Camp was the best investment I ever made for my startup small business. My company went from making almost no real revenue to generating over ,000 dollars within 11 months." – Kamau Austin,



1. Purpose – What’s your calling? What gives you a sense of purpose?

2. Problem – What business or societal problem are you uniquely qualified to solve?

3. Partner – What organization with money or reach is experiencing this problem?

4. Product – A product is the best way to establish credibility with a potential partner. Can you produce a pamphlet, book, DVD or audio CD that will extend your brand?

5. Project – Conduct research and allow your partner to suggest the specific project for you to develop.

6. People – Who needs to be on your team to create the product and execute the project?

7. Proposal – Draft a two-page document that speaks to your partner’s problems.

8. Presentation – Listen carefully and ask leading questions.

9. Process – How will you communicate to your prospects, team members and partners? What systems (i.e. finance, marketing and sales, operations, management) need to be implemented and managed?

10. Priorities – What needs to get done first? How will you manage your time?

11. Profit – Develop clarity around your income goals.


Key Concepts:
The following concepts will be integrated into the above modules.

1. Developing the proper mindset for success

2. Identifying a niche

3. Conducting online research

4. Creating a business model

5. Building your brand with information products

6. How to appear in magazines and on TV shows

7. Low-cost and high-impact marketing strategies

8. Sales skills for professionals

9. Making money with the Internet

10. The best of Web 2.0 and Social Media

11. Recruiting a team

12. Drafting a business plan

13. Attracting investors

14. Managing your time

15. Understanding Financial Statements

16. Protecting intellectual capital – trademarks, copyrights and patents

17. Connecting your idea to areas of critical interest to the government


You will learn how to:
 – Generate sales online
 – Build your brand with video
 – Package your ideas for profit
 – Write a book in a weekend
 – Get featured in print and broadcast media
 – Attract a team with no money
 – Create a 2-page document for investors
 – Secure a celebrity endorser
 – Go from websites to blogs
 – Establish a community with social media
 – Maintain a winner's mindset
 – Partner with a non-profit
 – Manage your time for maximum results
 – Join a mastermind group

An Audio CD, E-book, DVD, Membership Website or a Home Study Course are just a few of the ways to package your brilliance. Walk-in with an idea and leave with your very own product, website and digital marketing strategy.


If you already have a product, then this seminar will help you to fine-tune your package and maximize your marketing efforts. 

“Andrew Morrison is an outstanding business strategist. He offered a simple idea that resulted in thousands of dollars of press and new clients. I recommend him for the entrepreneur interested in learning how to think outside the box and get results.” -Lisa Nicole Bell, Author, Media Personality, Filmmaker, CEO of Inspired Life Media Group


Plus gain instant access to the
Small Business Camp Home Study Course with 11 audio CDs and a 150-page manual – 7 Value

You can leave with:

– Comprehensive marketing strategy
– Strategies to maximize your mental powers
– A webpage that is search engine optimized and designed to build your list or close the sale
– An information product – ebook, audio file or YouTube videos
– Facebook business page
– Time management tips
– Press Release
– Proposal for joint venture partners
– Internet advertising plan
– Marketing Calendar
– Method to attract free or low-cost student interns
– Access to a team of virtual assistants
– Home Study Course

"One of Andrew's ideas generated ,000 for me within six weeks. I suggest you work with him before your competitor does!" Tonja Oates, CPA

Session Overview:

1. Own your wisdom
2. Connect your wisdom to a problem
3. Codify that wisdom into a product
4. Distribute your wisdom with technology
5. Become recognized as an expert by the press
6. Educate your market 
7. Create a business model


"Within 90 days, I was able to secure a ,000 contract from a Fortune 100 company. I'm a BIG believer!"
– Kim Harrison, President of Key Point Marketing Consultants


Location: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center 
2701 E. Folwler Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33612

Lead Instructor: Andrew Morrison is the president of Small Business Camp. He has helped thousands of people just like you turn their concepts into cash in less time and with less effort. He appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and has been featured in several media outlets. Learn more about him at

at Clarion Hotel
2701 East Fowler
Tampa, United States

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