Small Business IT Call us about vCOMPLETE on 1800 653 565 vCOMPLETE offers growing businesses a fully integrated approach to virtualising your computing environment. Best of all, vCOMPLETE is completely adjustable to fit the scale and unique requirements of your business.

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  1. imarketingsoftware says:

    Thanks for posting this video

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  4. NotchRespawned says:

    thumbs up if u saw this video from an ad pop up

  5. minborox says:


  6. zephyrjyou says:

    randomly directed to this ad….herp

  7. KESHAISC00L says:

    THE BEST 1:41 OF MY LIFE!!!!

  8. megatronjosh says:

    this came up when i was… nevermind :(

  9. johnnysudan says:

    go for it Victor! Princess Leila likes it too.

  10. Timing888 says:

    Flares and Data Overload’s actually have a lot in common..

  11. LucyEverywhere says:

    i know that guy. How’s a cartoon (sorry, animation) to explain to IT guys. Aren’t they s’posed to be smart?

  12. videorunner666 says:

    It is all about Virtualization. Go vComplete.

  13. stevieggh says:

    victor’s the man

  14. smarttyitty says:

    great one! congratulations to the brotherhood!

  15. helltuber22 says:

    cool animation

  16. emcjourneyaccelerate says:

    Loving Victor’s GF

  17. coldrennan63 says:

    Funny cartoon! But he makes a point though, virtualisation is all about getting it right for your office size.

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