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  1. Hey, your video has good content, but I am not sure I totally agree with it… I guess that is why everyone has a channel and opinion right? Either way I like the content and the presentation. I picked up a few ideas from this video so thank you for posting. May I ask, how you go about determining what to make video content about? Are you looking for trending topics or are you just making content around what you think people should be consuming online? I am trying to figure out my process…

  2. Thanks for the comparison. However, you missed the ongoing cost of antispam and virus scanning on attachments for exchange server. Generally licensing for those services run around $140 – $230 a year for 5 users, and $4 – $10 per extra user.

  3. A major mistake in calculations and therefore (in my opinion) wrong conclusion is the missing ONGOING IT support costs for MS Small Biz Server. This could easily run into a few thousand bucks/year (an average joe consultant will take AT LEAST $300-$400/workday) to come out and change configurations/fix issues. With G Apps, most services are easy enough to be managed by a monkey. Unless you need the extras from SBS, G Apps is a clear winner from the cost standpoint.

  4. Your comments are not accurate. Google apps is 50 dollars per year and month. We start using it a month ago and its is fantastics . Time is past using MS. You should change too.

  5. SBITSdotbiz: Exchange ran, and ran fine, for 4 years for us…but as a 1 man IT shop supporting 20 people and EVERYTHING IT, email problems were taking up too large a part of my time…switched to Google Apps a month ago and couldn’t be happier…and so far, so are my users.

  6. I keep seeing this, that people complain about Exchange? When exchange is set up correctly (not using the POP3 Connector) and with SP2 Installed it ROCKS Connect your iPhones, Smartphones, OMA, OWA etc… It runs and it rocks… Portland Sox Fan, I’m located in Beaverton OR, if you have issues with exchange… But IMO Exchange 2003 on SBS2003 is easy peasy 🙂

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