Small Business Technology Tour 2012 – Phoenix

Small Business Technology Tour 2012 – Phoenix
Event on 2012-10-12 07:30:00


We are thrilled to have you join us for the 3rd annual Small Business Technology Tour, produced by, and sponsored by Intel. We look forward to seeing you there!

It will be a full day of information, insight, energy and fun… all about using technology as a tool to grow your business.

What will happen during your day at the tour?  Here's what will happen:

  • You’ll network with your peers
  • Learn from experts
  • Speak with technology vendors
  • Participate in discussions
  • Eat
  • Win Prizes
  • Enter to win an Intel powered Ultra-book notebook computer

And so much more – all with the goal of seeing how you can leverage technology and empower your business for growth.


7:30am – 8:00

Registration and Networking

8:00am – 9:00am

How Small Companies Can Do Big Things With Technology

Small Business 3.0 is all about leveraging mobile technology, cloud computing, social media and more to do a lot with a little. It’s about running a highly competitive, lean and profitable business. 

Introduction by Steven G. Zylstra, President and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council 

Ramon Ray, and Infusionsoft

9:00am – 10:00am

Making Your Office Productive Using Technology

Forget GHz: What’s new (and important) in Business PCs.

Throw out that old checklist. Today’s Business PCs are designed for the unique demands of small business. More responsive, more secure, easier to manage, in innovative designs like “All in One” PCs and new Business Ultrabooks. Whether you have IT support or not, we’ll show you some cool new PCs that were designed with your needs in mind.

By Eric Townsend, Intel

10:00am – 11:00am

Are You Leveraging Your Superfans?

Your customers are one of the most important assets your business has. Identifying and leveraging your superfans as brand Ambassadors can be an important strategy to boost referrals, create repeat business and overall grow your revenues.

By Baochi Nguyen, RingCentral

11:00am – 12:00pm

Your Local College and Your Local Business: Partners For Growth

Local colleges and your local business can partner to work together for GROWTH. In this session you'll learn how ASU has done this in its local community with local businesses.

ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation (CTI) offers a variety of support services for small businesses in the areas such as research, technology prototyping and commercialization and professional development. The CTI Collaboratory is the college's model for value creation in partnership with businesses both large and small; it brings faculty, students and external partners together to solve real problems. For instance, the iProjects program has helped many businesses from startups to Fortune 500 to solve real-world challenges and develop IP. CTI leeadership, will discuss the impact that partnering with the college can have on your business.

By Mitzi Montoya, Ph.D., Dean, College of Technology and Innovation and Vice Provost, Polytechnic Campus 

Anshuman Razdan, Ph.D., Director, Research Development and Executive Director, the Collaboratory 

Richard Filley, Director, iProjects and eProjects


12:00pm – 12:30pm  – Lunch Break

12:30pm – 2:00pm

7 Steps: Dating Your Leads. Marrying Your Customers

This fresh and informative presentation will give you the 7 steps you need to get prospects to say YES and customers to become loyal customers. You’ll learn that a customer’s “no” sometimes means not yet – and how to turn those “no’s” into a sale!

By Ramon Ray, Infusionsoft

2:00 – 3:30 pm

Tour the Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus

At the end of the presentations, you’ll be able to visit one of the region’s hidden gems and experience what CTI has to offer.  With this tour, you’ll discover why the future belongs to the creative and the innovative, and how engaged learning and use-inspired research are at the root of this premier East Valley asset.  The facilities you’ll see include: 

·         The Ottosen Air Traffic Control Simulation Laboratory: This is one of the most advanced air traffic simulation centers in a university setting in the country. The new simulator equipment from Adacel is similar to what is being used at the FAA Air Traffic Control (ATC) Academy in Oklahoma City. The Tower Simulator System displays a virtual 315-degree view of an airport area, depicting the operational movement areas, taxiing aircraft, ground vehicle movement, and arriving and departing aircraft. The four radar simulator systems depict enroute and terminal airspace and the associated air traffic movement.

 ·         The Laboratory for Algae Research and Biotechnology: With more than 40,000 identified species, microalgae are one of the oldest and most diverse groups of organisms on Earth. They also hold enormous untapped potential for helping to solve some of humanity's biggest problems. The Laboratory for Algae Research and Biotechnology, is conducting basic research on algae and cyanobacteria as well as applied research into renewable energy.

at Arizona State University’s College of Technology and Innovation (Cooley Ballroom)
7001 E Williams Field Rd
Mesa, United States

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