Small Business Website Owner’s Training

Small Business Website Owner’s Training
Event on 2013-07-16 13:00:00

Many Small Business Owners have noticed that they are not getting as many visitors to their website as in the past. This has affected sales. Google has made a number of changes to their search engine which has caused some websites that used to be on the first page of Google to now be on the 40th or 50th page.

I want to show you how I have kept most of my online store's products at the top of Google's search result pages. I have complied with Google's new guidelines and used social media to achieve this success.

Small Businesses like mine cannot afford to hire an expensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company. I have learnt how to implement the skills used by these companies to drastically improve the performance of my websites. I do not use any methods that are not approved of by Google. I now want to pass this knowledge on to others.

This training session is for Small Business Owners who may have little or no web designing skills and hire others to build or maintain their company website. The training will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about what changes are needed to improve your web site's performance.

I cover the recent Google changes, thin content problems, duplicate content penalties, the dangers of excessive advertising, spelling and grammar issues, safe link building, the advantages of website image optimisation for search and non invasive social media marketing. The training normally lasts for an hour with time for questions and a meetup afterwards.

Sirena's Café is on the ground floor of Canterbury House in the Kennington Park Business Centre just by the main reception. I suggest arriving by 12.45pm at the latest so you can be booked in before being taken to the conference room.

Looking forward to meeting you.


at Meet in Sirena’s Café, Kennington Park Business Centre
1-3 Brixton Rd
Stockwell, United Kingdom

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