Small Businesses Turn to Social Media Marketing in Lean Times

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

The current economic climate is besieged by uncertainty, and small businesses grapple with questions on the Fiscal Cliff as well as new taxes and regulation from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). As businesses hold off on hiring plans and expansion, CMOs are more budget conscious than ever before, and are turning toward social media marketing for increased return on investment.

According to Amy Grishman, CEO at Social Focus, an Internet marketing firm based in Massachusetts, We are seeing our clients allocate more of their marketing budgets to online efforts, especially social media marketing which is more affordable and can be extremely effective when executed properly. The beauty of social media marketing is that the platforms exist and are buzzing with activity but you just have to find the right angle through which to penetrate the noise, and an integrated marketing strategy can help a business do just that. Grishmans firm is seeing more clients open up to social marketing as a cost effective way to serve multiple channels: public relations, corporate communications, customer service, as well as sales/marketing.

As small businesses wait to see what 2013 brings, now is the time to rethink the role of social media marketing, and to reach out to an experienced social marketing expert. For more information on social media marketing, please visit

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