Smart Cameras Challenge PC-based Vision Systems for Dominance

Smart Cameras Challenge PC-based Vision Systems for Dominance
Many machine-vision component vendors now offer what has become known as a "smart camera" in response to changing markets and new customers that demand the accuracy and capabilities of vision but need to keep down the cost of deploying such a system …
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Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy
… what the appropriate financial regulation should be. You may remember the famous quote by Paul Volcker that the only useful financial innovation of the last 40 years has been the ATM machine. This is surely an exaggeration. … But as more and more …
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UMd. students carry dreams of vertical flight
Thirty years ago, the American Helicopter Society International launched an engineering competition in the hope of sparking invention — a challenge that would trigger innovation but, as executive director Mike Hirschberg put it, “start with something …
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