Smart sensors to build clever machines

Smart sensors to build clever machines
The idea is that in the future computers will be increasingly able to sense, adapt and learn, in their way. That vision, of course, has been around for a long time — a pursuit of artificial intelligence researchers for decades. But there seem to be …
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An artificially intelligent future: Ray Kurzweil on engineering the brain
Thanks to the 'exponential progression' of technology, Kurzweil says, we are heading for 'profound changes', an event horizon where artificial intelligence spirals beyond our control, or even our understanding. It is a cliché to fear the relentless …

Five Questions for Dec. 24, 2012: Eric Wu
Q What would you like to do in the future after graduating from high school? A I'm applying to colleges and expect to go on to grad school after that, and hopefully, on to a job. I would like to work at Google. I understand it's got a great work …
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