Smart Social Networking for College Students: College Speaker and Author Gail Hand Guides Students to Protect their Reputation and Future Career

Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Motivational Humorist and acclaimed college speaker Gail Hand has just returned from a 10-city speaking tour about smart social networking. More than 5,000 college students, faculty, coaches and administrators attended her social media for college students presentations in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Colorado.

Administrators utilize Gails expertise to help their students succeed. She shows them how to gain an edge to look more attractive when applying to a grad school, internship or jobs. Gail gives students sound tips on how to protect your reputation with prospective and current employers.

Her presentation, Smart Social Networking for Students features many of the principles from her new book, Are You Sure You Want to Post That? More than 80% of employers today recruit using social networking, Gail explains. 94% of grads schools check students Facebook posts when considering admission. Gails presentation reveals her 5 point process to help students filter the content of their posts.

Audiences attending Gails presentations are surprised when she displays posts from students to demonstrate how easy it is to misinterpret posts. They often comment to Gail that they are concerned about enjoying their college experience, expressing themselves online, and not having their image misunderstood.

Even if you are in a picture with a group of students that are drinking and you are not, many people will just assume you are drinking, too, said Gail. A future or prospective employer is not impressed when they see these photos of you online. Yes, they were young once too and many had a college experience similar to yours, but they have their business hat on when they see these photos. Be cautious about over-sharing your photos.

After attending Gails presentation, most students are awakened to their responsibility to guard their online reputation. Thank you, I am going to my dorm room to delete my Facebook page and start over, said one students text message to Gail.

Students reveal their real concerns through private text messages more often to Gail because they feel more comfortable that she understands their concerns, without judgment. Its like talking to a cool Aunt instead of your Coach or Provost. You can ask what you really want to know and you know you wont get in trouble for it, said one student.

Gail polls her audiences at each presentation. What would embarrass you more, your parents, your coach, or your prospective employer seeing a negative post about you online? Students are by far most concerned about their parents, followed by a prospective employer.

Two-thirds of college audiences admit they have wanted to delete a post made on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram once they uploaded it. And the majority of students acknowledge that their sense of humor has been misunderstood on their Facebook or Twitter post.

What causes the most surprise for the students to learn? That Facebook owns their pictures, says Gail. Facebook stores more than 240 billion photos, with some 350 million new photos uploaded each day. While college is a very special time for students, their reputation, their very future is too important to let ignorance of the impact of social media hurt the opportunities that lie ahead.

About Gail Hand

Gail Hand is a motivational humorist, trainer, author, and entrepreneur. She has spoken in 41 states to over 600 Colleges and Universities and 75,000 college students and administrators since 1993. Gails second book, Are you Sure you Want to Post That has been hailed by administrators across the country as a must read for parents, coaches and students. The book uses humor tinged with reality to share with teens, young adults and parents on how to use social media authentically, not dangerously. College Administrators engage Gail to speak because she has an excellent reputation for connecting with students while giving them relevant information to succeed. Her humor is a huge bonus that helps students pay attention.

Daniel Creasy, Director of Communications for Emory University Office of Undergraduate Admissions said: Hopefully, “think before you post” will become a common educational proverb. Gail Hand’s smart social networking book is a strong step in the right direction for discussions on navigating the worlds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms.

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