SMASH – Full Performance of “Public Relations”

Performance from SMASH’s episode “The Read-Through”. Like Us:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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10 Responses to SMASH – Full Performance of “Public Relations”

  1. Quayla Halmon says:

    she is awesome…

  2. Emily Oh says:

    Why did they cancel such a good show?? :(

  3. Mauro Camarena says:

    A total obsession, why did it ended anyways?

  4. ValA T says:

    This song is about when Marilyn went to England to film The Prince and The Showgirl?

  5. Mauro Camarena says:

    I cannot Believe they cancelled this while alot of bad show are aired, it makes me sick!

  6. jaifromars says:

    her voice…..

  7. ducttapepenguin7 says:

    I already miss smash ):

  8. Countrycowboy08 says:

    Wow. Karen NAILED the role of Marilyn in this performance and song. That’s why I loved her.

  9. shelbyevans026 says:

    I dislike Karen as a character, but I love this song

  10. Teresa Gib says:

    This show was so well researched and written. What is the matter with American audiences? I cannot believe this show got canned. It’s a sorry state of affairs when reality shows make it big and shows like this cannot get aired. It makes me sick.

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