Smash – Public Relations (Lyrics)

Reporters: Here she is, Miss Marilyn Monroe! Will she have the answers that our readers want to know? Indian Reporter: From India! Parisian Reporter: And Par…
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  1. Amazing staging! “Moving the Line” by Megan Hilty is still my favorite performance vocally, but the choreography and costumes and just….-sigh- This was a SMASH!!

  2. To the poster: The missing lyrics are “For Look and Life and all the boys from Peek and UPI” which are media publications she appeared in. “You’re the story we’re glad we’re assigned” “A bunch of men with pad and pen is a way to have some fun.” “You had come to me for sex in quotations.” Hope that helps! I love this number.

  3. I need a playlist so I dont have to keep bouncing from video to video I dont mind helping with views but I like to just click and it plays on and on ^_^ time to make one on my break

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