SMASH – Public Relations

SMASH - Public Relations

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20 thoughts on “SMASH – Public Relations

  1. Sailorncho I so agree totally Katherine and Meagan make the show work, I mean Ana and Jimmy are good too but there not like Katherine and Meagan. And Julia is a okay singer, and Daisy I just don’t like her, she’s mean

  2. I intend to be a singuer and is amanzing how much things you can lurn from smash, Katerine and Megan’s voices just gives you all of the broadway material

  3. My favorite song from Bombshell!!!! Really, incredible!!! Also, I would just like to point out how badly I wish Ivy and Karen could’ve been broken down to make the perfect Marilyn. Physically, I feel Ivy better embodies Marilyn, even her voice is like the Angel. But there’s a spirit Marilyn had that I feel Karen possesses. That is why Derek picked her. They both posses qualities of her. Also, I would KILL to see this on Broadway!!!!

  4. While I love both Bombshell and Hit List and Ivy is awesome but I loved Karen as Marilyn–she was fantatstic and I cried when she left bombshell

  5. 2:26 The BEST PART! While I will always think that Ivy was the better Marylin, i definitely think that Karen gave something to this song that could not be copied.

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