SMASH – Public Relations

SMASH - Public Relations

SAVE SMASH, VOTE IN THE FINAL ROUND! S02E05 – the read-through. “original song by smash.” Don’t Cancel SMASH http://www.facebook.c…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to SMASH – Public Relations

  1. Brenna Santos says:

    Christian Borle is so funny and amazing!!

  2. Josh Reynolds says:

    I think this is the best katherine-marilyn song

  3. Charlotte Cariker says:

    Sailorncho I so agree totally Katherine and Meagan make the show work, I mean Ana and Jimmy are good too but there not like Katherine and Meagan. And Julia is a okay singer, and Daisy I just don’t like her, she’s mean

  4. sailorncho says:

    I intend to be a singuer and is amanzing how much things you can lurn from smash, Katerine and Megan’s voices just gives you all of the broadway material

  5. Lenin Ovalles says:

    I know right? Like her mom’s a damn voice teacher. Nothing’s impossible for her

  6. kittykatt03 says:

    My favorite song from Bombshell!!!! Really, incredible!!! Also, I would just like to point out how badly I wish Ivy and Karen could’ve been broken down to make the perfect Marilyn. Physically, I feel Ivy better embodies Marilyn, even her voice is like the Angel. But there’s a spirit Marilyn had that I feel Karen possesses. That is why Derek picked her. They both posses qualities of her. Also, I would KILL to see this on Broadway!!!!

  7. sailorncho says:

    The part where she awnser the questions is just perfect her facial expressions are also amanzing, katerine is just wonderful isn’t she?

  8. letsmakeastar says:

    Um, no. I’d listen to Katharine over Megan any day.

  9. Roxana Garcia says:

    Yes, she can, but Megan does it better.

  10. Tammi Laura says:

    While I love both Bombshell and Hit List and Ivy is awesome but I loved Karen as Marilyn–she was fantatstic and I cried when she left bombshell

  11. AvalonMorley says:

    Christian Borle is so Ray Bolger-ish in this. Fun.

  12. Supdesiray says:


  13. montydog1009 says:


  14. Allison K says:

    I wish Tom and Karen had more interactions with each other.

  15. RiddleRavenness says:

    Tom is TOO HILARIOUS in this! I love it.

  16. Fernanda Naomi says:


  17. MsLovelypear says:

    cannot believe they cancelled.

  18. Leslie Allen says:

    tom as a british woman….

  19. James N. O'Sullivan says:

    2:26 The BEST PART! While I will always think that Ivy was the better Marylin, i definitely think that Karen gave something to this song that could not be copied.

  20. Isabelle Amaya says:

    J’adore Kat! Elle est fantastique, et Megan! Elles sont belles. :)

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