SMBME 55 – How Technology is Changing Our Daily Lives

SMBME 55 – How Technology is Changing Our Daily Lives
Event on 2014-03-28 07:30:00
SMBME 55 – Technology Changing Our Daily Lives

You know it. I know it. Technology is changing the way we do almost everything.

At this month's breakfast, we are going to look at three cool new advances in technology – that are social media and crowdsourced influenced – that are going on around us.

Katie Clark is going to come and show us Google Glass. You may have seen it and not known what it is, or you have an idea and want to learn more. This wearable technology is getting noticed.

Joel Bolton is going to show us the work he has been doing as a Google Business Photographer to enhance Google Local profiles. People can go from looking you up online, to looking inside your company and walking around!

Kyle Rancourt, from Rancourt & Co., will also join us to talk about how his local shoe company has added interactivity to its ecommerce website with a custom shoe design tool.

What: SMBME 55 – How Technology is Changing Our Daily Lives
When: Mar. 28, 2014, 7:30 – 10am
Where: Portland's Masonic Temple, 415 Congress St. Portland, Maine
Where do I park? There is a list of options at the bottom of this page
How: We would never be able to pull these events off without the help of our sponsors: Mainely SEO, Vreeland Marketing, Hall Internet Marketing, and Others! Fair Trade Coffee

at The Masonic Temple
415 Congress St.
Portland, United States

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