SMS Assembly Inc. Earns R2 and ISO Certification

NAPLES, FL (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

SMS Assembly, Inc. has always handled its customers recyclable IT assets responsibly, but the company made its reuse and recycling processes official by recently earning R2 and ISO certification. R2 certification was awarded after SMSs IT recycling processes passed an evaluation of 13 operational, safety and environmental performance areas. The certification is valid for three years with mandatory yearly audits.

R2 Solutions R2 certification is designed to protect the global environment, promote human health and safety, and ensure electronic equipment is managed responsibly at the end of life. Only IT recycling companies that abide by the organizations strict standards are awarded R2 certification after passing an in-depth audit.

Mark Bock, SMS Assembly sales manager, explains, Weve never been a typical electronics recycler. SMS has always been more about reusing as much of the IT material as possible. We didnt have to make dramatic changes in order to achieve R2 certification because we were already following a vast majority of the R2 recycling standards.

By gaining R2 certification, SMS Assembly alleviates the three most common fears businesses have about recycling IT assets: responsible environmental processes, proper e-waste disposal practices and data destruction requirements for security. Its also made the company a recycling option for customers required by state law or corporate policy to recycle IT equipment through an R2 certified recycler.

On top of eliminating fear, SMS makes recycling a profitable proposition for companies sitting on unused computer equipment. Condition, age and resale value determine whether selling by the pound or piece is the most profitable. SMSs team inspects every piece of electronics to determine its maximum value, which is then paid to the customer unlike other IT recyclers that purchase equipment only by the pound.

Selling per piece can be financially advantageous for many customers versus selling by the pound. Desktop and laptop memory in office settings can be worth $ 3.00 to $ 15.00 per module. 100 modules can weigh five pounds. With an average value of $ 5.00 per module, the return is $ 500. Sold by the pound for $ 8.00 would net only $ 40.00 as scrap. Recycling computer equipment with an R2 certified recycler helps companies profit simply by clearing out unwanted IT assets that are taking up office or data center space.

About SMS Assembly

SMS Assembly Inc. was founded in 1989 and has grown to be a strong presence in the computer electronics and IT recycling industry. SMS makes IT asset disposal easy, convenient and profitable. Since all assets are reused whenever possible, SMS is the IT recycler of choice for small or large companies and data centers where responsible recycling is a priority. R2 certification gives clients the peace of mind that any unusable components are recycled responsibly and safely to minimize impact on our environment. Download the e-recycling guide to see just how easy it can be.

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