Snapchat worth $3 Billion, Google Neck Teck – NOW

Snapchat worth  Billion, Google Neck Teck - NOW

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13 thoughts on “Snapchat worth $3 Billion, Google Neck Teck – NOW

  1. The worst thing a pet of mine destroyed was my horse! I was texting my friend right before I was about to get on him and he grabbed my phone and chunked it and it hit a tree! It was completely broken! And that wasn’t the first time he’s chunked something lets see he’s chunked my phone, a log, a lead rope, a bucket, and a jolly ball which is now just a tiny piece of rubber rest in peace poor jolly ball

  2. my dog had a sticker stuck to the side of it, in a desperate attempt to get it off he rubbed himself against a end table, knocking my Ipod Touch of the top.

  3. My now dead dog buried my brothers phone in the backyard, and didnt find it before an alarm started pining a week after…. And then the phone got dropped into the toilet by his friends dog….

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