Snapchat worth $3 Billion, Google Neck Teck – NOW

Snapchat worth  Billion, Google Neck Teck - NOW

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13 Responses to Snapchat worth $3 Billion, Google Neck Teck – NOW

  1. emma decoene says:

    My cat did step on the charger of my brother’s iPad while it was charging and his iPad fell on the ground. Than it broke… (It was an iPad 4)

  2. mollytom100 says:

    MacBook Pro! My dog shatters the screen somehow

  3. Sim Girl says:

    The worst thing a pet of mine destroyed was my horse! I was texting my friend right before I was about to get on him and he grabbed my phone and chunked it and it hit a tree! It was completely broken! And that wasn’t the first time he’s chunked something lets see he’s chunked my phone, a log, a lead rope, a bucket, and a jolly ball which is now just a tiny piece of rubber rest in peace poor jolly ball

  4. Jade Carie says:

    my cats knocked over my laptop an i had to replace it

  5. Shannon Butler says:

    Spilled a beer on my Macbook, totally blamed it on the dog. Cost $750 to fix. Yeah.

  6. Liam Murtezaoglu says:

    Well i dropped my ipod touch in the tiolet but it was fine

  7. XxPortableProxX says:

    my dog had a sticker stuck to the side of it, in a desperate attempt to get it off he rubbed himself against a end table, knocking my Ipod Touch of the top.

  8. Luma28 says:

    My now dead dog buried my brothers phone in the backyard, and didnt find it before an alarm started pining a week after…. And then the phone got dropped into the toilet by his friends dog….

  9. maddie patten says:

    my laptop…

  10. Joshua Mangone says:

    When my dog destroyed my map into small bits

  11. Elouise Saunders says:

    The worst thing my dog has chewed is my laptop charger!

  12. danger pile says:

    gotta know source to thumbnail girls :/

  13. Maia Lofthouse says:

    I broke my mums laptop!!

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