Sneak Preview: The new

Sneak Preview: The new

Image by Yahoo Inc
A screenshot of our new homepage, which we’ll be bucket testing in September ’08 (other variations to come!). This one gives you details of the preview window for Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Gmail, and eventually other mail accounts. Note the new purple logo. Read more here.

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5 Responses to Sneak Preview: The new

  1. Jtndr says:

    good! i was waiting for something like this

  2. Jtndr says:

    finally you have reduced the number of items on a single page…

  3. Jtndr says:

    can i access it somewhere?

  4. Yahoo Inc says:

    @Jitendr: We’re doing bucket tests of the site right now. Keep checking and you might find yourself one of the lucky testers. We’ll be testing over the next few months.

  5. mil8 says:

    finally! Y! loses the red Y!… always a pet peeve of mine! (sorry Jerry and David!) 😉

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