Snowfly Using Smart New Ways to Help Companies Get the Most From Employees

WY (PRWEB) February 22, 2014

Ask any manager working in any company across the country what the most important asset to their success is, and the answer will all but unanimously be their employees. Offering employee incentive programs that reward and motivate employees can be a great way for managers to provide employee recognition and maintain a happy and productive workforce. Knowing what sort of staff incentives to offer and how to oversee and manage such employee incentive programs can be a huge job that may overwhelm already busy managers. Thats why the Laramie, WY-based company Snowfly is implementing and overseeing company incentive programs all over the country with their savvy approach to keeping employees and managers happy and successful in the workplace.

Snowfly was started in 1999 by Dr. Brooks Mitchell who had a background in researching human behavior and employee motivation. Based on his years of research, Dr. Mitchell developed some of his employee incentive ideas and developed games to motivate employees into one of the countrys best employee recognition companies around. Seeing the link between behavior modification and consistent positive reinforcement, Dr. Brooks and his Snowfly team worked to create employee recognition software for companies that used employee games that helped companies provide employee recognition and motivate performance improvement. Snowfly works with smaller companies with only a handful of employees to large corporations with thousands of employees. Whether its a single call center incentive program to motivate sales performance or objective-specific solutions such as employee retention, reduced absenteeism or health and wellness improvement as part of a large multi-office corporate incentive program, Snowfly works to develop the right incentive and recognition plans of any size or complexity.

A major roadblock for many companies in keeping employees happy and productive is simply implementing employee incentives that work and overseeing the plans. Therein lies Snowflys allure for so many companies: they not only design the incentive programs, but also manage the programs for their clients and even provide additional professional services such as administrator support and training and data integration. The website provides detailed information about the many services and incentive programs they offer as well as webinars, case studies, marketing tools, and even a demo center where prospective clients can set up a private interactive demo with a Snowfly representative who can answer questions and explain specifically how Snowfly can support and facilitate employee recognition, performance improvements and incentive programs to keep staff motivated, happy and successful in taking their business to the next level.

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