SNSD beauty ranking 2013

SNSD beauty ranking 2013

this is my new beauty ranking SNSD is my personal opinion . the girls are all really pretty and cute.. Love SNSD 😀 songs ( I got a boy album) sunny … baby…
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  1. for my opinion 1 yuri 2 seohyun 3 yoona 4 taeyeon they have a natural beauty,and others like jessica,sooyoung,tiffany,sunny,hyoyeon,and others seem to have experienced a change in their faces, such as operasi surgary

  2. My unbiased opinion: 1.Jessica 2.YoonA 3.Yuri 4.Hyoyeon 5.Tiffany 6.Sunny 7.Sooyoung(I prefer her without bangs) 8.Seohyun(same like Sooyoung) 9.Taeyeon(because of the lip looked really weird :/) now biased opinion lol : 1.Sunny 2.Jessica 3.YoonA 4.Hyoyeon 5.Yuri 6.Sooyoung 7.Seohyun 8.Taeyeon 9.Tiffany

  3. My opinion 2.hyoyeon 3.jessica 4.yuri 5.taeyeon 6.sooyoung 7.yoona 8.seohyun 9.sunny I will never understand why hyoyeon is always so far behind on these lists. I’ve always thought she was beautiful especially with blonde/rainbow. And as much as I love yoona (shes one of my biases) I’ve always thought she was kinda plain compared to the others…JUST MY OPINION. And I usually think sunny is gorgeous but I’m really not feeling the short curly hair, I don’t think it suits her.

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