SNSD beauty ranking 2013

SNSD beauty ranking 2013

this is my new beauty ranking SNSD is my personal opinion . the girls are all really pretty and cute.. Love SNSD 😀 songs ( I got a boy album) sunny … baby…
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24 Responses to SNSD beauty ranking 2013

  1. jerlyn francisco says:

    yuri is so sexy,cute :)

  2. Ivy KaiQing says:

    1.Yoona 2.Seohyun 3.Taeyeon 4.Tiffany 5.Jessica 6.Yuri 7.Sooyoung 8.Hyoyeon 9.Sunny

  3. Laurita Cruz says:


  4. aan dermawan says:

    for my opinion 1 yuri 2 seohyun 3 yoona 4 taeyeon they have a natural beauty,and others like jessica,sooyoung,tiffany,sunny,hyoyeon,and others seem to have experienced a change in their faces, such as operasi surgary

  5. Charmaine So says:

    For my opinion: 1: Yuri 2: Taeyeon 3: Yoona 4: Jessica 5: Sooyoung 6: Tiffany 7: Seohyun 8: Sunny 9: Hyoyeon

  6. Keshia Zerna says:

    i think yuri is must be yoona or taeyon

  7. KS CHO says:

    For me: 1. Yoona 2. Taeyeon 3. Sica 4. Yuri 5. Sooyoung 6. Tiffany 7. Sunny 8. Seohyun 9. Hyoyeon Just my opinion All of them are beautiful

  8. marsh- mallow says:

    Seohyun no 1^^

  9. MeanGurl272 says:


  10. BaekYoungES says:

    my opinion : 1.soo 2.tae 3.fany 4.seo 5.yoona 6.yul 7.sica 8.hyo 9.sunny

  11. nana top says:

    *My Opinion : 1 Yuri 2 sooyoung 3 yoona 4 tiffany 5 taeyeon 6 jessica 7 seohyun 8 hyoyeon 9 sunny ^^ ♥ SnSd ♥ !! lol

  12. veeya100 says:

    it’s just for me : 1. seohyun 2. taeyeon 3. jessica 4. tiffany 5. sooyoung 6. yoona 7. yuri 8. sunny 9. hyoyeon

  13. 峻豪 張 says:

    My opinion : 1 : Taeyeon 2-9 : the other members

  14. vickykong1 says:

    for me: 1.Tae 2.Fany 3.Sica 4.YoonA 5.Seo 6.Soo 7.Yuri 8.Hyo 9.Sunny

  15. mimachair says:

    For me: 1.Tiffany 2.Yuri 3.Sooyoung-seohyun 4.Hyoyeon (she is my ultime bias in kpop) 5.Taeyeon 6.Jessica 7.Sunny 8.Yoona 7.

  16. Maria Cristina Bolaños says:

    1. fany and yuri 2. taeyeon and sooyoung 3. seohyun and sica 4. yoona, sunny and hyo

  17. tatita lakeviene says:


  18. Sittie Namraida Kasid says:

    Taeyeon #1

  19. Nicole Park says:

    My unbiased opinion: 1.Jessica 2.YoonA 3.Yuri 4.Hyoyeon 5.Tiffany 6.Sunny 7.Sooyoung(I prefer her without bangs) 8.Seohyun(same like Sooyoung) 9.Taeyeon(because of the lip looked really weird :/) now biased opinion lol : 1.Sunny 2.Jessica 3.YoonA 4.Hyoyeon 5.Yuri 6.Sooyoung 7.Seohyun 8.Taeyeon 9.Tiffany

  20. Dorothy Cheung says:

    1.Yoona 2.Jessica 3.Tiffany 4.Taeyeon 5.Yuri 6.Hyoyeon 7.sooyoung 8.Seohyun 9.Sunny Just my opinion

  21. HyoinaHan says:

    1.Tiffany, Jessica 2.Hyoyeon 3.Yuri 4.Yoona 5.Taeyeon 6.Seohyun 7.Sooyoung 8.Sunny :)

  22. GigitOreo says:

    my opinion: 1.SooYoung 2.SooYoung 3.SooYoung 4.SooYoung 5.SooYoung 6.SooYoung 7.SooYoung 8.SooYoung 9.SooYoung ILY SOOYOUNG!

  23. AAR0fan says:

    My opinion 2.hyoyeon 3.jessica 4.yuri 5.taeyeon 6.sooyoung 7.yoona 8.seohyun 9.sunny I will never understand why hyoyeon is always so far behind on these lists. I’ve always thought she was beautiful especially with blonde/rainbow. And as much as I love yoona (shes one of my biases) I’ve always thought she was kinda plain compared to the others…JUST MY OPINION. And I usually think sunny is gorgeous but I’m really not feeling the short curly hair, I don’t think it suits her.

  24. AAR0fan says:

    My opinion 2.

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