SNSD dance ranking

SNSD dance ranking

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  1. you can’t see it? Sooyoung was the best at the MAMA The boys performance she should be the 2nd 1.Hyo 2.Soo 3.Yul 4.Yoona 5.Seo 6.Taeyeon 7.Sunny 8.Jessica (she’s too lazy but i like her moves) 9.Tiffany

  2. as you can see, some of the commenters on here think tiffany is a good dancer, while some think she is the worst but then again, she is an attention whore, look at akb48, most of them mess up on purpose for attention. its because the best dancer could go with any of them because their dancing talent is not really far apart, they are good but the best could be any of them. go watch their smooth criminal dance, IMHO hyo was the WORST dancer on that one.

  3. I don’t think SM will call Fany a dancing queen since she’s not a good dancer at all. The fact that Hyoyeon has the title is because she’s the #1 dancer. That’s it,so what was are you complaining for? Saying Hyo don’t deserve to be called as a “dancing queen” and her dancing is not impressive at all? Do you want other members will be the dancing queen? SM confirmed a ranking,it is Hyo,Yul,Soo,Yoona and Seo.Tiffany ranked as #9 Obviously,she’s a hard learner. You can see it,if you’re not blind.

  4. That’s so unbelievable. SM called her a “dancing queen” because people thinks she’s ugly? I don’t think SM staff are stupid to call a one member a “Dancing queen” even she don’t deserve it. People can see her charisma and her dancing skills,yeah Fany is a good dancer she is just a slow learner. I respect your opinion but i hate the way you say Hyoyeon’s dance is not impressive.

  5. wow, you definitely read my post wrong. 1. im not saying she aint a good dancer, i said shes not THAT good as sones claim her to be like her dancing skills is wayy better because im a big snsd fan but i honestly think shes just as good as the other members. 2.i dont degrade a person’s talent just cause i think shes ugly, its a fact that alot people think hyoyeon is ugly. go ahead and say shes pretty but there are still many people that consider her ugly.

  6. maybe she hasn’t made up a dance that has never been done by the other members, but that doesn’t mean she ain’t a good dancer. And the fact that hyoyeon messes up as well like the other members doesn’t make her any less of a great dancer. I’m not saying the other members don’t dance well, cause they do but its kinda sad how you try to degrade a person’s talent just cause you think she’s ugly. I, myself, don’t think she’s the prettiest of the bunch, but i don’t think she’s ugly at all.

  7. I’m a SONE and as far as I know, SM’s MAIN DANCERS are HYOYEON, YURI and YOONA. I guess the only thing that makes SOOYOUNG look good than YOONA is because of her THIN BODY. Her body makes her move look sharp. I’m not against Soo but I’m just stating my opinion. For me, I prefer Yoona than Soo. Love those 9 girls anyway. ♥

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