SNSD english ranking

SNSD english ranking

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  1. 1. Sica or Fany (?) 2. Seohyun or Sooyoung (?) 3. Taeyeon and Sunny (!) 4. Yuri 5. Hyoyeon or Yoona (?) I love Hyoyeon’s english mistakes.. It’s hilarious. XD

  2. I don’t think Jessica and Tiffany should be included any at all seeing as they actually speak english………… put them in would be biased as you would ranking based on tone of voice

  3. so what if she was born in the U.S.? You do realize they moved when she was little right? It’s not maditory for someone who was born in the U.S. to learn English.

  4. Obviously Tiffany and Jessica are the best in English, with Tiffany barely edging out Jessica, just because she speaks it more and therefore sounds more comfortable. But while Taeyeon has the best pronunciation between her and Sooyoung and Seohyun, the latter two have a better overall understanding of the language. Seohyun edges out Sooyoung because her pronunciation is a little easier to understand, though I think Sooyoung’s vocab is more expansive.

  5. Everyone thinks that Taeyeon’s pronunciation in English songs is good but she actually doesn’t understand it. I think they will be surprised by Taeyeon’s English, she is far beyond Seohyun and Sooyoung in terms of speaking level, vocabulary, pronunciation and accent. In singing she above Tiffany and Jessica (this video is an example). Tiffany English = Bimbo, Jessica English = Spoiled Princess. Thumb up you know is true!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yo. Jessica is at 2nd. We all know Tiffany speaks english more than she does so she practice it more than Sica. Plus, Sica was only 10 when she left USA while Tiff was 14. PS: Taeyeon Bias here.

  7. this is not a biased ranking. this is my ranking with my opinion. i rank them by the way they talk or sing in english. this my opinion. if my opnion is not like yours, it doesnt says that my rank is biased. if it was biased, taeyeon would be first and sooyoung will be higher than jessica. but its not.

  8. Wow….this is so biased ranking.Like wohooo,C’mon sooyoung in under seohyun and taeyeon? Everyone know she good at english and pronunciation.She’s got accent too? And you put Seohyun (Who forget some of the word in english.And it’s just single line?) Or taeyeon (Who can’t Said GIRLS GENERATION with the perfect pronouce).You put them in high ranking? Oh c’mon

  9. yoona is my bias but i accept the fact that she dont speak english well. unlike other people here who always gives reason and shit. admit it tiffany speaks english more and that makes her really good at it. jessica decides not to speak it much so she falls 2nd.

  10. Sooyoung knows English far better than Taeyeon and Seohyun. When it comes to pronunciation of the words, yeah those two are pro, but when it comes to communicating and the knowledge of the English Sooyoung is far better.

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