SNSD Fashion ranking 2013

SNSD Fashion ranking 2013

Hello sones!! I hope that you are good. this is my video fashion airport ranking 2013 music 1. 2ne1 ….. i am the best 2. snsd(TaeTiSeo) ……. twinkle 3. …

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25 Responses to SNSD Fashion ranking 2013

  1. jennikka246 says:

    Biased. But if you’re going to do that at least pic the pictures that they are dressed good in it. Even if you picked SooYoung’s worst she still looks good in it. And Yuri looks better than the three you placed in front.

  2. Anitachan147 says:

    I love their all satyle…but… is yuri the best dressed for far….=)

  3. MrLoma22 says:

    its sooyong

  4. Nina Na Na says:

    1.yuri 2.sooyoung 3.jessica 5.seohyun 6.yoona 7.hyoyeon 8.taeyeon 9.sunny 

  5. Glotto Dida says:

    jessica is usually best dressed but i really sometimes also love tiffany and taeyeon s style…tiffany all classy and taeyeon all laid back style

  6. azianswaggside says:

    I like sica’s fashion the most then sooyoung then fany

  7. toufue thao says:

    Seohyun <3

  8. Jessica Wu says:

    1.Jessica 2.Tiffany 3.Sooyoung 4.Taeyeon 5.Yoona 6.Seohyun 7.Hyoyeon 8.Yuri 9.Sunny

  9. spiralling dome says:


  10. Yoona C.C says:

    why jessica always wear sunglasses? This is FASHION….? my goddess yoona xD

  11. Elaakp Vig says:


  12. Aaron Louis says:

    Other SNSD members considers SOOYOUNG as the most fashionable member of all.

  13. Cho Tao says:

    JETI have REALLY GREAT fashion sense! Not only among SNSD but also all of the Korean Girl Groups. I m not saying like they are the best but I can assure that they must be ranked in the best 10. And Sooyoung as well.

  14. MrsClarissa3112 says:

    Me too I think it fits very well :)

  15. huongboo270193 says:

    Jessica is no 1…She make her style with cool with cute and beauty, why she can make it….jahaha

  16. Emily Mendoza says:

    yuri yoona y jessica las mejores jajaj :)

  17. sassie sa says:

    I like taeyeon style she very handsome hahaha

  18. Meika Marcha Pangestu says:

    Tiffany is Queen of fashion in snsd..i like her style..

  19. ItzJennyyx3 says:

    Fany Fany Tiffany!!! <3 <3

  20. sparksfly2020 says:

    I dont really like hyo fashion because its seems too much n she looks uncomfortable

  21. sparksfly2020 says:

    Jessica is the best

  22. Wootae Jjang says:

    I love EVERYTHING about those about and it’s NOT because that’s my bias wearing it , u just love yellow jackets !

  23. MissMadness100 says:

    I liked the way Yoona dressed too <3

  24. hana kai says:

    Tiffany and Jessica the best ♥ ♥ ♥

  25. 2012vsME says:

    I always like to see Jessica’s style.. just like it :)

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