SNSD No MakeUp Ranking 2014

SNSD No MakeUp Ranking 2014

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  1. for me it goes like this … 1st – Yoona because her face is flawless and without makeup she is stoll beautiful and she is the face of the group 2nd – Sooyoung because she looks very pretty and naturallyy pretty 3rd – taeyeon because without makeup she looks cute and younger 4th – Tiffany because she’s really pale 5th – Yuri because she does have a few pimples on her forehead but still is beautiful 6th – Seohyun because she has pimples on her left side of her check and it may not be obvious but without makeup . its very noticeable 7th – Jessica because she has flawless face but she looks a bit darker and her eye bags comeout more 8th – Hyohyeon because her eyebrows arent that filled in without make up 9th – Sunny because she still looks cute but she does have high pigmentation just my opinion please dony hate me … its based on past and present pictures that i have seen … and this isnt biased at all … i mean there the most beautiful girls ive ever seen 

  2. 1. Yuri 2. Sooyoung 3. Taeyeon 4. Hyoyeon 5. Tiffany 6. Yoona 7. Seohyun 8. Jessica 9. Sunny (I’m a sunshiner and Sunny’s too cute!….) <3 

  3. Here’s my no makeup ranking as a HETEROSEXUAL MALE SONE: 1. Yuri 1. Sooyoung 1. Tiffany 1. Yoona 1. Hyoyeon 1. Seohyun 1. Taeyeon 1. Jessica 1. Sunny

  4. for me yoona is 1st.. because idols said yoona still looks like a goddess even without make-up and did you not see her video teaser it’s just her making face infront of the camera without make-up still she has flawless skin :3

  5. I want to share my personal opinions..but yeah,the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,so each person ranking-made doesnt make any sense hahaha 8. Sunny and Hyoyeon(they both are pretty in the way they are) 7. Taeyeon(cute but she has such bloated eyes w/out makeup) 6. Yuri(sweet but her face looks a bit tired) 5. Seohyun(lovely yet a bit plain) 4. Jessica(nice but a bit pale) 3. Tiffany(idk to describe but there’s still lacking somewhere but still nice) 2. Yoona(pretty but still average) 1. Sooyoung(her face looks glowing even w/out makeup)

  6. To all those person who didn’t agree thet SNSD TaeYeon will be the 1st SNSD No MakeUp Ranking 2014 , i think this is right b’coz based on “Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013″, which lists Taeyeon, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Yoona. Jessica was the first member of Girls’ Generation to appear on the annual ranking in 2011, placing 45th, and moved up to 5th in 2012, when Taeyeon and Yoona made their first appearances at 42nd and 50th, respectively. In year 2013, Taeyeon ranked at 9th place, Jessica ranked at 20th place, and while Yoona ranked at 71st place, respectively, while Sooyoung makes her first appearance on the list at 66th. And i know to that SNSD TaeYeon DESERVED IT !!!

  7. I personally would put Taeyeon at a lower position because she doesn’t like have real eyebrows (stated in one variety show). Some of y’all put Yoona first, I agree she is really pretty with and without makeup, but the Yoona has big eyebags without makeup. The without makeup photos in this video is not really them with no makeup, just with a little LESS makeup, so I guess it wasn’t a fair ranking?

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