SNSD – No Makeup Ranking [HD]

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  1. Lmfao, rewatching this and am loving Sooyoung’s and Hyoyeon’s little comedic punchlines. Loved how sooyoung was like, aight, then get out of the way! Lol. Honestly, I think this order is done pretty well because it’s not just based on personal opinion as to who is most attractive, but rather who looks most like their fresh faces with and without makeup so Sooyoung does deserve to be first. Those with very defined features (pointier noses, higher cheekbones, etc) tend to rely less on makeup (thus Hyoyeon, Sica, are near the top) and those with more babyfaces rely more on makeup to create a mature image (like Taeyeon, Yuri, Seo). 

  2. After watching a video where they all came out with no make up on, I have decided on this. But they are all so pretty that it was insanely difficult to choose. 1. Seohyun 2. Yoona 3. Taeyeon 4. Jessica 5. Yuri 6. Tiffany 7. Sooyoung 8. Sunny 9. Hyoyeon

  3. my rank for snsd ^^ 1. Sunny 2. Hyeyeon 3. Tiffany 4. Taeyeon 5. Jessica 6. Yuri 7. Yoona 8. Seohyun 9. Sooyoung my oppinion… and because sunny is my bias…. :I

  4. people are so butt hurt over hyoyeon’s comments. it wasn’t even that bad. if this was an american show, i would also say that hyoyeon was rude, but this is a korean show. in korea, what she said is nothing. hyoyeon was raised in Korea, not America. Hyoyeon acts like a regular Korean. What’s wrong with that? She can’t please everyone. If she acted like Americans usually do, people would consider her boring and she would never get a chance to shine. Leave her alone. Koreans find comedy in making fun of physical appearances. If you really want her to act nice and to never say mean things, go tell the whole country of Korea to change.

  5. this is my own ranking and im being honest – even though they are all pretty 🙂 1. Taeyeon 2. Yoona 3. Sooyoung 4. Yuri 5. Tiffany 6. Jessica 7. Seohyun 8. Sunny 9. Hyoyeon 

  6. ah this honestly really breaks my heart. Whether it’s a joke or not. We wonder why women are so self conscious to be in their own skin and never think their pretty, and then people make up rankings like this. Are we for real? Are we seriously thinking this is an okay thing to do? Everyone has their own look, there is no need to compare and make someone feel inferior because of the way they were born to look (aside from plastic surgery they may have gotten done). But really people? These girls aren’t dolls. They are humans with feelings just like you and I. If someone took you and 8 other women to compare how they look naturally w/o makeup, you’d probably feel pretty uncomfortable and dehumanized. I honestly hardly EVER dislike videos, but this one get a thumbs down for me. I, personally, am not going to take this lightly. Can’t believe I stumbled across this in my suggestions. rant = over

  7. You all only see what you want to see. The truth is, the order in this video are exactly right. 1. Sooyoung 2. Tiffany 3. Hyoyeon 4. Jessica 5. Taeyeon 6. Yoona 7. Yuri 8. Seohyun 9. Sunny

  8. When they rank them with no make up , they don’t look at who’s pretty or not , they look at hown natural their faces are without that make up on … they’re all pretty , but some of them might have problems , all girls do and some don’t ….. that’s Sooyoung is number 1 , her face is so pure without make up , no grass not any imprefection …. and she’s still number 1 till now … and then comes Taeyeon , then Yoona and Yuri …. i don’t know about the others because it’s quite difficult 

  9. Before surgeries no make up ranking: 1. Sooyoung (jjinja) 2. Tiffany 3. Yoona 4. Seohyun 5. Yuri 6. Taeyeon 7. Jessica 8. Hyoyeon 9. Sunny This is just my opinion. They’re all pretty :)

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