SNSD Popularity Ranking 2012 [Confirmed By SM]

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24 thoughts on “SNSD Popularity Ranking 2012 [Confirmed By SM]

  1. I had a feeling the US would like Hyoyeon a lot. I remember they did a survey asking people from the US who they thought stood out the most around the time they released “Oh”, and a lot of them voted for Hyoyeon.

  2. why jump to conc saying fans hate hyo and sunny. they dont hate but obviously some members will have more fans when you compare within the group. it just that in snsd the least popular member are those two. BUT, sunny and hyo have way more fans if you compare them with another girl group member.

  3. I totally agree with the Europe/American one in my opinion we tend to push the prettier down the rank because we don’t prefer their personalities as much as we prefer hyoyeon sooyoung and sunny. they stand out a lot to us.

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