SNSD Popularity Ranking 2012 [Confirmed By SM]

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24 Responses to SNSD Popularity Ranking 2012 [Confirmed By SM]

  1. SapphireNinja98 says:

    The Western results seemed so flip-flopped LOL Yoona was #8 and Hyoyeon was #1

  2. Alondra Velasquez says:

    It seems like everyone likes Yoona and Taeyeon and they don’t really like Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Sooyound that much

  3. kefira14 says:

    I had a feeling the US would like Hyoyeon a lot. I remember they did a survey asking people from the US who they thought stood out the most around the time they released “Oh”, and a lot of them voted for Hyoyeon.

  4. ExoStan SonePanda says:

    Malaysia : 1.Yoona 2.Seohyun 3.Jessica 4.Tiffany 5.Taeyeon 6.Yuri 7.Sooyoung 8.Hyoyeon 9.Sunny

  5. Elis Lam says:

    my bias is seohyun!

  6. Ari Cee says:

    polls also show that sooyoung is the most popular in the USA

  7. Kim Ki-bum says:

    BRAZIL – VENEZUELA-CHILE-ARGENTINA 1.Hyoyeon 2.Taeyeon 3.Yuri 4.Jessica 5.Sooyoung 6.Tiffany 7.Seohyun 8.YoonA 9.Sunny

  8. daniela yessi says:

    Para mi: 1.- Sooyoung 2.- Tiffany 3.- Hyoyeon 4.- Yuri 5.- Taeyeon 6.- Jessica 7.- Seohyun 8.- Yoona 9.- Sunny

  9. Kathy Ayogg says:

    I’m sure if you take 10 sones to ask in VN, probably 6 of them will choose Yoona.

  10. nanda annisa says:


  11. jessica kim says:

    im from Europe. AND MY BIAS IS HYOYEON. JUST LOVE HER<3<3

  12. Klara Huskova says:

    why jump to conc saying fans hate hyo and sunny. they dont hate but obviously some members will have more fans when you compare within the group. it just that in snsd the least popular member are those two. BUT, sunny and hyo have way more fans if you compare them with another girl group member.

  13. Tiffany Fan says:

    whats the song at 2:54

  14. Lexy Black says:

    wow ppl really dislike Hyo and Sunny o-o why?

  15. shufangina says:

    singapore here! 1. sooyoung 2. taeyeon 3. yoona

  16. Cherry Blossom says:

    For me in my world, 1. Sooyoung <3 yoona

  17. Suzumiya Haruhi says:

    Jessica, Tiffany, and Taeyeon always in the top 5. 

  18. Nikki Maganda says:

    Soo young!!!♥♥

  19. SoapCherry says:

    I totally agree with the Europe/American one in my opinion we tend to push the prettier down the rank because we don’t prefer their personalities as much as we prefer hyoyeon sooyoung and sunny. they stand out a lot to us.

  20. jad f says:

    Thailand confirm taeyeon no.1

  21. Zoyko Mrc says:

    How do you know?

  22. MaJieMao says:

    Japan follows the attractiveness list of the girls, I don’t buy Hyoyeon or Sooyoung at 1 and 2 in the USA, can’t speak for Europe.

  23. Violet Samell says:

    Sunnys #1 in my heart

  24. Sinabro Jun says:

    Sunny, Most eighth :(

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