SNSD Popularity Ranking 2015 (CONFIRMED) HD

The countries are Korea,Japan,China,Malaysia,Indonesia,Singapore,Vietnam,Thailand,U.S,Europe,Philippines & Taiwan! This is based on the 14-15 articles I read on the web. Here are some of them…

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25 Responses to SNSD Popularity Ranking 2015 (CONFIRMED) HD

  1. Nikita Mhatre says:

    Sooyoung is the most beautiful girl amongst snsd. Guess she is underrated in korea because she does not meet so called typical korean standards of ” v line jaw, small face blah blah” which make all of them look the same. Sooyoung has fresh and unique face. She is number 1 in American popularity chart. 

  2. Ariadne Lydia says:

    My 4 favourite members are the 4 least popular in Korea lol: 1. Hyo 2. Soo/Yul 3. Sunny

  3. Francess Cruz Sanchez says:

    Yes! Hyoyeon is first in europe! I live in europe too and she was the first one i noticed

  4. isabella chan says:

    I asked all of my Taiwanese friend and ask them which one do u like, and all of them say JESSICA(even the boys,they say JESSICA is the most beautiful among snsd)

  5. Zhan Dhira says:

    I’m from Indonesia & My Bias is Seohyun ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Amy V says:

    Taeyeon and Yoona are no doubt the most popular members followed by Jessica and Tiffany. Taeyeon is the most popular in Korea and Yoona really well known to the public. Non-fans of SNSD would have heard of Yoona. My bias is Taeyeon though <3 hehe

  7. Park Yeollie says:

    Whats song at 1:04

  8. Jenna Barbara says:

    Thank you Canada, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan Sones for liking my Jessica!

  9. Shiori Kita says:

    Japanese loves Jessica so much <3 

  10. Reese Witherfork says:

    What’s the song at 1:09? PLEASE AND THANK YOU

  11. Soshi Stars says:

    +Bora No Bora. The song is Do you want some tea? By Hellovenus

  12. Nissa K says:

    Hyohyeon is first in Europe <3 :)

  13. Meryll Diaz says:

    But my faves are yoona, Jessica and taeyeon

  14. Marjona Abdurafikova says:

    Yoona’s popularity in China will become #1 because yoona is shooting Chinese movie for her Chinese fans !!!! Support her please 

  15. Ren Dickson says:

    Sooyoung, hyoyeon, jessica , and Sunny are getting really popular damn! They are my favorites in Snsd!!!!! I’m so happy right now thx Soshi Stars!!!! <3

  16. Angelica Valadez says:

    Japan is obviously smart ;)

  17. Jaw Ji says:

    You forgot Hong Kong. :( I like Sunny the most, she is the only one I can recognise. A few more references would be appreciated.

  18. Evelina Meow says:

    My 3 favourite members are Jessica, Sunny and Yoona ♥

  19. Calum Rodger says:

    0:33 someone plz plz PLZ tell me the song I’ve been looking for it for ages

  20. shyfly825 says:

    WOW, Seohyun is really popular…

  21. Catharina Audrey says:

    I thought taeyeon will be number 9 in korea bcs the scandal ._.

  22. Catz1a says:

    It really varies I guess depending on the countries culture and standards etc. Which is good because it shows that all of them are amazing it just depends who you’re talking to and for everyone who hates one there will be someone who adores them :)

  23. Kim Soo In says:

    I think yoona is the most popular in Indonesia.. Because her drama is showing in my country,, many people know her.. I’m taeyeon’s fan not yoona’s fan,, i just tell my opinion Sorry for my bad english :D

  24. Emily Tran says:

    What is the song for 3:02

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