SNSD Ranking In Catch Me If You Can (OFFICIAL) HD

This is based on Vocals, Dance, Looks, Beauty, Charisma & Attitude. *I Tried To Be As Fair & Truthful As Possible* Thanks For Watching! Please Like, Comment, Share & SUBSCRIBE! New Videos Of…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to SNSD Ranking In Catch Me If You Can (OFFICIAL) HD

  1. Soshi Stars says:

    This is based on Vocals, Dance, Looks, Beauty, Charisma & Attitude. *I Tried To Be As Fair & Truthful As Possible* Thanks For Watching! Please Like, Comment, Share & SUBSCRIBE! New Videos Of KPOP Girl Groups (Especially SNSD) And SM Boy Groups Every Week! Check out SNSD Popularity Ranking 2014- SNSD Beauty Ranking 2014 (Most Voted By You!)- ~ By the way the names with the sad faces :( are the members who didnt get enough singing/screentime in the MV. The person with the happy face is my Bias :)

  2. Snsd Taeyeon Fan says:

    Sooyoung has more lines than sunny… i think this because sooyoung good/fluent in japanese

  3. Hyoyeon Love says:

    I’m gonna show my ranking too, but I must say in this mv they all shined, so it was really hard to decide: 1. Yuri 2. Yoona (I didn’t like her before, but after this I’m so in love with her!) 3. Hyoyeon 4. Taeyeon 5. Sooyoung 6. Tiffany 7. Seohyun 8. Sunny

  4. MyOwn disaster says:

    I love your ranking.. and this is mine. 1. Hyo (Queen)/Yoona (1st BIAS!!!!) 2. Sooyoung/Yuri 3. Taeyeon (2nd BIAS!!!) 4. Tiffany 5. Seohyun 6. Sunny ( I hope she can get more lines, but she’s great )

  5. Soshi Stars says:


  6. Rainier Surratt says:

    Since this is a dance type song and their Japanese release I’m gonna do my ranking based off of that 1 because their dances for their Japanese songs are always amazing like this. 1. Yoona (it was good to see her TRUE dance potential) 2. Split between Sooyoung and Hyo 3.Yuri 4. Seohyun (she used to be apart of the dance line with Jess in the early days) 5. sunny can actually dance 6. Tae struggled a little with certain parts of the chorus dance but in the verses she did really good. 7.Tiffany it’s a known fact that she’s not the best dancer but she has personality which is good. 

  7. Anna Patricia Ritumban says:

    Love your ranking! Same as mine Specially YulYoonSoo also hyohyeon

  8. satori3979 says:

    My Rank : 1. Yuri <333 Seohyun

  9. Azaa Nergui says:

    I agreed yuri was looked amazing her makeup outfit hair style voice dance and parts all just too amazing 

  10. Lucky Baldonaza says:

    Yuriii !!! :)) Agreee =)) My Bias Yuri .. SimPle & Gorg :*

  11. Samantha Tinga says:

    Yes, YURI deserved it! She’s damn hot she’s getting better! Nice ranking.. totally agree with it!YURI *QUEEN MUST SLAY*my bias YURI!

  12. Renae Christensen says:

    I personally think Hyo did better than Yoona but, that’s just me

  13. Calum Rodger says:

    MY OPINION 1. Yuri 2. Hyoyeon 3. Sooyoung 4. Yoona 5. Sunny 6. Taeyeon 7. Tiffany 8. Seohyun

  14. XxXJ-HopexXx says:

    1. Yuri (Queen Yuri must slay!) 2. Yoona 3. Hyoyeon 4. Sooyoung 5. Tiffany 6. Taeyeon 7. Sunny 8. Seohyun (I really didn’t see her that much at all :()

  15. Demetrius Coleman says:

    Hyoyeon and yuri are the main reasons why I keep watching

  16. squishybummie says:

    can you please stop with the (OFFICIAL) this is YOUR opinion, so it’s official at all!

  17. Tiffany j'adore says:

    Jeez i hate all this ranking crap. There is nothing OFFICIAL about this whatsoever.

  18. Rodelyn Amores says:

    I really thought yoona would be num 1

  19. AffinitySkyliners xForeverx says:

    100% agree with Yuri! She was practically the lead vocalist here and she looked amazing doing it! This was Yul’s breakout song <3

  20. Sunny Astrid says:

    8-Seo 7-Tif 6-Soo 5-Hyo 4-Sunny 3-Tae 2-Yuri 1-Yoona

  21. noorhan alzuhairi says:

    I totally agree with the ranking! I feel that the , some members who doesn’t ways have a lot of lines to sing really shined this time. Especially Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri. I also think that (just my opinion) they will start have more lines this time because there is one less member now. I was really shooked with this song since they most have girly, colorful songs.

  22. Park Alessandra says:

    1. Yoona 2. Taeyeon 3. Sooyoung 4. Sunny 5. Yuri 6. Tiffany 7. Hyoyeon 8. Seohyun

  23. NBA SHOWDOWN says:

    Puta Yoona no#1

  24. letylek says:

    To be Honest…My Opinion :) 1.Yonna-She KILLED IT and she got more lines 2.Taeyeon-she had good vocals 3.Sunny-Her hair and singing was good 4.Tiffany-good vocals too and nice hair 5.Seohyun-Good vocals and nice hair and makeup 6.Sooyoung-she got more parts too 7.Hyoyeon-Dance moves are on point and her hair looks nice too :( 8.Yuri-i didnt really like her hair but she had good parts…

  25. Fathi Hafa says:

    Tiffany cannot be 7 although,,,,,,,,,, 1 yoona 2 sooyoung 

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