SNSD Sexiness Ranking 2015 (OFFICIAL) HD

This is SNSD’s sexiness ranking for the year 2015! Remember that this is NOT only based on the pictures in this video but evey picture I’ve seen through the web! Feel free to tell me what your…
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17 thoughts on “SNSD Sexiness Ranking 2015 (OFFICIAL) HD

  1. I like this ranking, in the others Sunny is the last but she is soooo sexy, and she can be sexy and cute, like in dancing queen, she’s dancing solo is so… Uau But my ranking is: 8. Fany 7. Tae 6. Sica 5. Seo 4. Yoo 3. Soo 2. Hyo 1. Yuri/Sunny (Cause they are the part sexy of snsd) Haah, whatever, thanks for make this ranking :3 (And sorry for my bad english, br here) xx, h 

  2. 1.yuri 2.hyoyeon 3. Sunny 4. Tiffany 5. Taeyeon 6. Seohyun 7. Sooyoung 8. Jessica 9. Yoona ( i think both yoona & sooyoung need to gain some weight to be in top five) 

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