SNSD Sexiness ranking

sones my new video that shows the sexy side of the girls 😉 songs 1-SNSD… genie 2-2NE1 … can t nobody 3-SNSD….. run devil run 4-Woo Young (2pm)… sexy…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 thoughts on “SNSD Sexiness ranking

  1. la mas sexy es YuRi y luego le sigue hyoyeon y seohyun son super sexys nada mas que YURI les dice quítate a todas true realidad MI OPNION 🙂 YuRi 100pre seras la mejor

  2. mip top 9 seria: 1) YURI 2) hyoyeon 3)seohyun 4) yoona 5) sunny 6) tiffany 7) jessica 8) sooyung 9) taeyeon pero me gusta el top y claro yuri lo demuestra con su pedezo de cuerpo que tiene es super sexyyyyyy y es mi bias

  3. 1. Yuri- Her dancing shows it. 2. Hyoyeon 3. Tiffany 4. Sooyoung 5. Jessica 6. Tayeon 7. Yoona- She doesn’t really show it. 8. Sunny- She is too cute. 9. Seohyun- You know why.

  4. My ranking 1)Yuri 2)Seohyun 3)Jessica 4)Hyoyeon 5)Taeyeon 6)Yoona 7)Sunny 8)Sooyoung 9)Tiffany (I love her smile tho) this is just based on my opinion

  5. i thini the taller members are sexier, because let me tell you. They have the aura. People probably think Seohyun is not sexy, but when she tries? Ooo you melt. She just doesnt show it like most of the other members do.

  6. Sexiest Ranking of SNSD for me: 1.Yuri 2.Hyoyeon 3.Sooyoung 4.Jessica 5.Taeyeon 6.Yoona 7.Seohyun 8.Sunny 9.Tiffany Fact: Tiffany has the largest/biggest waist line.

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