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17 Responses to SO MUCH CUTENESS – GGG’s Mail Time

  1. Lily Sage says:

    my name is lily !

  2. XLadyOX says:

    This video is just too damn cute. Your fans are so giving. SO heartwarming :)

  3. COD9696 says:

    you kind of look like that girl from percy jackson (annabeth) in this video

  4. daniel rojas says:

    hehe daniel my name

  5. mattliamlawson says:

    yeah what did he say

  6. locodariooo says:

    how did you make that controller

  7. J Monte says:

    I could tell you if I had super human memory. :(

  8. john thomas says:


  9. chefgiovanni says:


  10. Charlotte Curie-Cadet says:


  11. kimlaxbro1996 says:

    you should do some fishing videos

  12. deathbyfinger says:

    he isn’t cursing, no one cares how much money you make, and your wasting your life replying to… fuck. i just realized that your trolling…

  13. Nightmarefiend21 says:

    Jk 😛

  14. Nightmarefiend21 says:

    Yep, you’re high ;)

  15. john remington says:

    does anyone notice on eyebrow is higher than the other??..or am i just seeing shit

  16. lmmaPrincessCelestia says:

    There’s something wrong with your eyebrows.

  17. Aaron King says:

    I got my jersey and picture back thanks so much Raya! Oh and I love the messy writing :)

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