So You Want To Work In Digital Marketing ?

So You Want To Work In Digital Marketing ?

Here are some tips on what we did to get our jobs at Cult LDN as well as tips from industry professionals. Feel free to tweet us your questions or leave them in the comment section below….
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  1. Hey Guys, as promised, here is a video on the things I did while applying for my current role @CultLDN and I also got some of my colleagues to give you tips and advice! Hope this helps :)

  2. Every video I watch I stare dead at your hands. your ring collection is sick. Please start sharing details!! I love that ring your mom gave you, it’s so hard to find 

  3. Great video…. Thanks for this. I’m currently in teaching and I’m looking to change my career and this is the field I’m most interested in. It would be great if you could make a similar video about career changing into the world of social media! X

  4. Hey Laila what would you say is the actual job role if you don’t mind me asking, I am studying marketing atm and I want a greater insight of the different careers in marketing 

  5. You really are WONDERFUL! I”ve been following (and learning from) your hair blog for some time now and to see you turn your hobby into your career AND offering advice for those who want to do the same is inspiring. I love how your brand is developing and very happy for your continued success. Ps, looks like a great team at work. Congratulations.

  6. Great video Laila. Can you please share how you choose or buy your accessories. I love your rings, earrings, necklaces etc especially our rings. Pray do share please. Thanking you in advance. Congratulations on the job and even to share with your viewers about how you got it goes to show what a beautiful soul you are. Keep shining girl…the sky is your limit.

  7. This sounds very interesting !!!!! 🙂 im studying multimedia computing at uni in london at the moment im in my second year. do they offer work experience ? 

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