Social Media 2.0: Building Your Community

Social Media 2.0: Building Your Community
Event on 2015-11-26 18:00:00
Grow your community into an army Join us on 26 November for a three hour intensive workshop designed to arm you with the skills and techniques to grow your  business's social media following and engagement through content, connections and consistency.  Discover how to: find the right balance between engagement posts and selling your product allocate, spend and measure advertising budget develop content that is engaging, relevant and share-able identify opportunities to jump 'on board' with current trends, and how to find them   Apply the latest trends in influencer marketing   Topics include:  Creating social media goals for your social growth and engagement strategy   Using existing resources and technologies at your fingertips to cost-effectively drive social media engagement Understanding the data behind the success of your social media strategy Tips and tricks on how to create engagement and grow your audience size How to build relationships with bloggers and influencers on social – the right and the wrong way How to put your fans at the centre of your social media strategy How to cross-pollinate your social platforms for maximum growth, presence and efficiency   Deep dive into available social media advertising platforms, and building a strategy for their use to achieve your social media goals.    Ideal for: individuals already operating social media platforms and strategies for their business or organisation Small business owners who have the ball rolling on social, but need a little shove in the right direction for growth.  Information presented will include case studies, current research and practical hands-on tips. Participants will learn from group discussions and individual learning exercises. Participants will receive a comprehensive set of notes and resources for further study and application. Our training courses are limited to 15 per group and sell out fast – so make sure you secure your place at this three hours of social media power.  Your trainers:  Katherine MacPherson – The Hunter Box:  The Hunter Box is a digital marketing agency specializing in working with small to medium businesses in managing their total digital presence. Katherine is passionate about creating lasting impact and working with people who want the same. Katherine specialises in marketing strategy, copywriting, training and mentoring across all things digital marketing, including social media. Amanda Martin – Stylehunter Network:  Amanda is the owner of the Stylehunter Network, an online publishing platform with monthly marketing reach of 175,000 and a social media following of more than 205,000. A bit of a whiz in social media strategy, community building and traffic generation through SEO and Adwords, Amanda has a keen eye for customer conversion through data tracking.

at Stylehunter Network HQ
21 David Street
Richmond, Australia

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